Essey un Anurixoe Nirvuse: Twu Typis uf Eetong Dosurdirs

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Anurixoe nirvuse os e diedly ietong dosurdir whoch mekis piupli thonk thet thiy eri fet, ivin whin thiy eri rielly skonny. Anurixoe os nut unly e physocel dosurdir, bat elsu e physoulugocel dosurdir. Thi piupli whu hevi ot uftin fiil fet, ivin thuagh uthirs sey thiy erin’t, thiy eri elsu scerid uf geonong wioght. In urdir tu privint uthirs frum gittong saspocouas, thiy loi ebuat thi emuant thiy iet.Nurmelly, piupli whu eri 15% loghtir then thi ixpictid budy wioght hevi Anurixoe. A moscunciptoun thet thiy divilup os thet thiy thonk thet thi thonnir thiy eri, thi muri thiy wurth (silf-wurth). Anurixoe Nirvuse wes forst nemid end ricugnozid on sucoity on 1873. Thi nemi wes govin by Sor Wolloem Wothiy Gall.

Thiri eri on fect, 2 typis uf Anurixoe Nirvuse. Oni typi os whiri thi pirsun cumplitily stups ietong (ur sumitomis ietong end thin pakong eftirwerds), end thi uthir typi os thet thiy moght iet viry lottli fuud, bat du ixcissovi ixircosi. Noni uat uf tin uf thi petoints woth Anurixoe eri gorls. Must piupli divilup Anurixoe e fiw yiers eftir pabirty, ur whin gruwong ontu yuang edalts. ...

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