Zoos And Aquariums Help Endangered Species Essays

Zoos And Aquariums Help Endangered Species Essays

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Although zoos are a great educational tool for the public the overall damage it could be doing to our environment and the plausible cause of extinction for some species must be examined. In the human race’s haste to be able to view exotic animals, they failed to realize that an urban zoo although maybe ideal for the educational standpoint, may not be what is best for the animals. What crime did the animal commit to be imprisoned to a life of captivity? Most certainly depression all for the sake of human’s entertainment. An alternative to the urban zoo should be used.
Both sides of the issue of whether or not zoos are good for animals both have in common that they just want to protect the animals. As Lisa Granshaw says in her article “How Zoos and Aquariums Help Endangered species”. “These institutions…are also playing a vital role in the conservation of our endangered and threatened species” (Granshaw). By having animals in zoos it gives the species population an opportunity to raise its numbers in a controlled environment. Saving an entire ecosystem from going extinct is very important. Like the ecosystem of frogs, they eat the flies which keeps from disease from spreading because flies land on feces then on human’s food. So if frogs went extinct the fly population might sky rocket. Also, saving a whole habitat will save a species from extinction which is the whole goal. As Cindy Grigg explains in her article “How Do People Protect Plants and Animals”, “People can protect plants and animals from becoming endangered or extinct. One way is to protect the animals ' or plants ' habitats. Governments can set aside land for parks. No one is allowed to disturb the habitat inside park lands” (Grigg). This is the basic principles of sa...

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...ustrated, they harm each other, become ill, go hungry, and are forced to endure extreme and unnatural temperatures.” (Spanish Zoos). This is not a way for any animal to live. Animals have feelings and emotions too, they can become depressed from just sitting in a cage

Although we should study the animal world and educate our children but it should not be done in a manner that threatens our ecosystem and not at the detriment of the animals. Providing a secure safe environment for the protection for endangered species is equally as important both to our ecosystem and their survival but it should be done in way that the mental and overall happiness of the animal is taken into consideration while this is accomplished, wildlife refuges are the only viable option that can accomplish all these goals and allow the coexistence of humans with wildlife instead of domination.

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