Zooloogists and the Wild Essays

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People have had to go out into the wild for hours and sometimes day. When they are a zoologist and a wildlife biologist they will have to study the animals in their natural habitat. It has been one of the things that people have liked to do the most and that is watching animals do what they do in a day. It is like going to the zoo ,but they are not having to go out into the wild of their natural habitat to find out more about the animals. They do not read the signs in the zoo they get as close as they can to the animal and they study it. What a zoologist/wildlife biologist does is he/she goes out and studies the behaviors, personalities and the characteristics of the animal that they are studying.
What zoologists/wildlife biologists do is they spend time out collecting data and analyzing animals in their native area (“Zoologists” para. 2). They also study the impact of the people to the natural habits of the animals (“Zoologists” para. 8). One thing that they do is they gather and study the animals (“Zoologists” para. 8). Zoologists and wildlife biologists do is they examine animals and different wildlife with the way they communicate with other parts of their ecosystem (“Zoologists” para. 1). Some reasons why they do all of those experiments is to further their knowledge, and to also help protect the animals (“Zoologists” para. 12). They also watch the animals so they do not burst out with diseases (“Zoologist/Wildlife” para. 10). They have also done scientific tests for research (“Zoologists” para. 10). What they help to do is create biofuels, cures for diseases, and sometimes try to increase crop yield (“Zoologist and” para. 6). When they are working out in the field, they will have to be physically shape because they will...

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...n be relentless to your body and mind. Basically what Zoologists/Wildlife Biologists are trying to do is to make sure that the animals and environment survive and come out unscathed by the humans.

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