Essay about Zoologists: An Animal Loving Job

Essay about Zoologists: An Animal Loving Job

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Humans have always been captivated and intrigued by animals from the very beginning of history. Those prehistoric humans who studied basic animal behavior may be considered some of the first zoologists. Zoology, a branch of biology that studies animals, is vital to the understanding of natures and preserving of biodiversity. To animal lovers, zoology is one of the most ideal careers. From teaching, to researching, to zoo keeping, there are many different options for those who intend to start a career in zoology. Although zoology is time-consuming and unpredictable, it is a rewarding and fascinating career.
Zoology has advanced considerably since the first humans used animals for their own benefit. Alcmaeon was the first known man to perform dissections on human bodies in the sixth century B.C. Aristotle, though, was considered to be the first “real” zoologist. He observed and dissected sea creatures, along with classifying five hundred species of animals. After Aristotle’s days as a zoologist, the only important work in zoology was by Galen, a Roman physician, until around 1555. From 1555 to 1700, significant advancements were made to classifications of species and physiology, particularly work done in the study of blood circulation (“Zoologists”).
One of the greatest revolutions was the invention of the microscope in 1590 (“Zoologists”). This invention opened up a whole new world to all scientists, not merely zoologists. The ability to substantially magnify an organism enabled the discovery of cells and gave scientists a greater understanding about how animals function.
In 1859, Charles Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection. This book completely changed the way scientists viewed animals and their ...

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... harmony.

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