Essay on The Zombie Apocalypse: Revealing the Monster

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Death is the scariest part of living. Humanity has always been acutely aware of this horrible inevitability, and as a result of this almost near obsession with mortality certain practices, precautions, and even religions have been developed to ease the weary minds on death. Self- preservation, preparedness and survival motivate almost faction of human interest and behavior but becoming prepared for the conceivable anything and asking all the “what if” questions in the world still might not save humanity when analyzing how many devastating catastrophes can essentially wipe out life on this planet with ease. Not hard to imagine, mass extinction in history has happened at least five times estimated as far back as 440 million years ago at the end of the Ordovician Period. (Sjøgren) Most people expect to live a long and fulfilling life and eventually die naturally, peacefully surrounded by family and friends, but what if the Grim Reaper takes on another form, a zombie? At first the idea seems comical, but can one be completely sure this ghoulish creature could not be created. Only the foolish would deny that a zombie apocalypse is more than plausible. To analyze this realization completely is crucial to not only the survival of the human race but the entire planet as well. This thesis focuses on zombie popularity in culture and media, how an outbreak could come about, human zombie preparedness, how nature would stack up against the undead, and ultimately given the evidence which would survive the apocalypse, the living or the undead?

Zombies are everywhere... in the media. Popularity for the undead has soared in the 21st century but where did that horrifying idea first come from? The idea of a zombie comes from the Vudon or more comm...

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