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Zimbabwe's Issues
Africa is the second largest continent in the world and has a thriving population of over 900 million people. In his book Guns Germs and Steel, Jared Diamond explains why he thinks that the West has more cargo than Africa. After reading the first two chapters of his book I found out that I share a lot of the same views as he does. I believe that Africa has so little material wealth compared to the West because of government, economy, disease, and geography or climate. All of these things are big issues in present day Africa and even back in the late 1800's. If we take into consideration an African country such as Zimbabwe and research all of these specific problems happening there we may get a better view on why Africa has very little material wealth compared to the Western world.
Zimbabwe was organized and made a nation by the British in the late 1900's. Zimbabwe was called Rhodesia until when it gained independence from Britain.("Zimbabwe: History and Government.") After a long period of time Zimbabwe had taken away British rule. 96% of all of Zimbabwe was African or black. The other 4% was Asian, white, or colored. In the black population of Zimbabwe there were ethnic groups. The names of some of these groups were Shona and Ndebele. 80% of Africans in Zimbabwe were Shona and about 10% were Ndebele. Zimbabwe faced many problems throughout its existence as a nation.("Zimbabwe: History and Government.")
Like the majority of African countries Zimbabwe has a corrupt government which has many problems. The government does not benefit the people at all. The government actually gives a disadvantage to the people of Zimbabwe in many ways. Even though many changes are now taking place in the government in Zimba...

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