Zhou Enlai : The First Prime Minister Of The People 's Republic Of China

Zhou Enlai : The First Prime Minister Of The People 's Republic Of China

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Zhou Enlai was the first prime minister of The People’s Republic of China. He is categorized with the likes of people such as Mao Zedong and Deng Xioping, otherwise known as powerful and influential leaders in modern Chinese history. Enlai, for years was one of the most prominent and respected leaders of the communist party. Zhou played a leading role in the Chinese communist party from its beginnings in 1921 and was definitely instrumental in the subsequent construction and reformation of Chinese society (Newworldencycopedia.com). He is also famously known for arranging and implementing the historic meeting between Mao Zedong and United States President Richard Nixon.
Coming from a well-educated family Zhou Enlai was born March 5, 1898 in Huaian, China. He was adopted soon after he was one by his aunt and uncle. His adoptive mother taught him Chinese characters, and by the time he was four he could read and write several hundred words. His mother ad foster mother died in 1908, and soon Enlai was an orphan. It was then arranged in 1910 that he will live with his uncle in the city of Manchuria. Soon after he was enrolled in the Tung Guan model school that taught a new system of learning called “new learning”. Subjects that were taught included mathematics, natural science, Chinese history, geography and literature, where in the students where exposed to translations of western books. This is the first exposure that Zhou had to western culture and learned fundamentally about freedom, democracy and the American and French revolutions. He continued on from Tung Guan and went on to study at an American-funded missionary school, and by the time he was in higher education he started to understand that around 1915 foreign presence was sta...

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...n after Zhou Enlai was diagnosed with bladder cancer and after many unsuccessful surgeries he died on January 8th 1976 at age 77.
People inside of China feel more of a connection to Zhou as compared to Mao. They mostly respect him for devoting his entire life to bettering the life of the Chinese people and going above and beyond in trying to maintain their way of life. While everyone divulged in violent rage during the revolution; he was always cited for his elegance and courteous manner. With his remarkably good looks and fluent intelligence, he personified the mannerisms of a diplomat from a gentler age. As in contrast to Mao Zedong who thrusted himself into the limelight, never taking credit for China’s perpetual upheavals. In so he stayed in the Chinese public’s good graces and was even named one of the most handsome men in the Republic of China (1920s-1940s).

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