Essay about Zeus 's Weapon Of Choice

Essay about Zeus 's Weapon Of Choice

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Zeus/Jupiter The sky god, Zeus, is the king of all gods. He and his siblings Hades and Poseidon deposed his dad Cronus after which they held a lottery to find out who gets to be ruler - Zeus won. Zeus’s weapon of choice is the thunderbolt and he likes to use it against dishonest people. Ironically, he is notorious for cheating on his wife Hera. Zeus/Jupiter is used as a reference to strength and also self-righteousness. Usually headstrong, stubborn, bossy, popular, opportunistic, and power hungry, Zeus also tends to take family for granted. He can be used as a reference to the sky, lightning, and other natural disasters.
Poseidon/Neptune The sea god, Poseidon protects all marine creatures. With his brothers Zeus and Hades, he overthrew Cronus and by chance became god of the sea. Before he married Amphitrite, he chased Demeter but was rejected. Poseidon’s weapon of choice is the trident. Poseidon is greedy, argumentative, and prone to conflict with other deities. Poseidon/Neptune is used to show greed, aggressiveness, and over willingness to fight. He is used as a reference to the ocean, marine animals, and other aquatic things. A Poseidon archetype tends to have bottled up emotions, uncontrollable rage, instinct based reasoning and lack of ability to cope with defeat.
Hera/Juno Hera is the goddess of all gods and is married to Zeus. She has a thing for protecting married women and childbirth. Her marriage to Zeus is marked with conflict, the only reason she married him in the first place is because he raped her. Hera gets jealous easily and often tries to scheme against Zeus. Hera is used as a reference to a typical wife – easily jealous, often wronged by the husband, and often scheming against him (husband is Zeus). When used sh...

... middle of paper ... grief to her mom.
River Styx The River Styx is the border between the living and underworld. Its water provides invulnerability; Achilles was dipped in the water and became invulnerable except for the heel, which wasn’t submerged. The River Styx can be used as an allusion to a crossing point between two polar opposite worlds. Because the River Styx also causes invulnerability, it can be a reference to something that provides invulnerability.
Cerberus Cerberus is a dog with three heads that guards the entrance to the underworld and prevents the dead and living from crossing when not supposed to. Capturing Cerberus was one of the herculean tasks. Cerberus in literature can appear as a guard, often protecting a different world. When such a dog-like creature appears it implies that it is protecting something important and valuable.

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