YWN Reports of Three Incidents Essay

YWN Reports of Three Incidents Essay

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Rosh Hashanah marks the onset of a new year in the Hebrew calendar. However, it is more than just a typical celebration; the Jewish New Year is a measure of self-examination -- a day of reckoning for the mistakes of the past year -- and a period of resolutions to devise a better, fruitful year. It is a day of judgment – a time in which one’s fate is decided, and people's destinies are decreed. Thus, the festival is marked with solemnity and seriousness, to wish and pray for a verdict of life and happiness.
In the prayer "U'Nesaneh Tokef, we proclaim: “On Rosh Hashanah it is inscribed, and on Yom Kippur it is sealed. How many will pass away and how many will be born; who will live and who will die; who will die at the end of his days and who will die before his time; who will perish by water and who by fire; who by the sword and who by a wild beast; who by famine and who by thirst; who by the earthquake and who by plague; who by strangulation and who by stoning. Who will have rest and who will wander; who will live in peace and harmony, and who will be harried; who will enjoy tranquility and who will be tormented; who will be impoverished and who will be enriched; who will be degraded and who will be exalted.”
We wish for a good year; a year with no pain and fear. We plead that the troubles and sorrows cease, and we shall enjoy a life of joy and happiness. This past year had its myriad of troubles as well, most notably the horrific kidnapping and dismembering of the young, innocent Leiby Kletzky. We witnessed a terrible storm that took three lives from our community, and an earthquake shook us to our core. Additionally, we lost three righteous scholars of brilliance and diversity -- in three separate continents -- in the durati...

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...hope for a successful appeal out of the ordinary.
As we will congregate in Shuls over the world and plea for a better year, we should bear in mind those who wish for a decent year; a year of freedom and liberty. As we beg for a kind sentence, a verdict of life, from the One, we should remember those who were punished by human authority. We should keep in mind that Sholom Mordechai ben Rivka and Mordechai Yitzchok ben desperately need our Tefillos. However, in these days, one can take a lesson to be grateful for the kindness of Hashem and his way of judgment. Our merciful Father Judges each of us with kindness and compassion despite His insightful knowledge; yet, the result of a human court is far more stringent. The justice system in America, a Medina Shel Chesed, is no less corrupt than the likes of Japan, and we can only rely on our Father in heaven.

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