Essay on Yunior 's Experiences As A Child Shaped His Relationship With Arrora

Essay on Yunior 's Experiences As A Child Shaped His Relationship With Arrora

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Yunior’s experiences as a child shaped his relationship with Arrora. Yunior’s upbringing consisted of a broken family that lacked communication. He had a loving mother but his father was mostly absent during his life. He was also influenced by his older brother, who lived a bad lifestyle. Unfortunately, Yunior witnessed and experienced strong damaging content from his family as an adolescent. Yunior’s experiences with his loving mother, his missing father, and especially his crazy brother, led to an unhealthy relationship between Yunior and Arrora.
Yunior’s ha a loving mother that worked hard for her children and made sacrifices so her children could live an ideal life. They story fiesta states that she was quiet and a reserved woman. The mother would always bless her kids with a cross on them say, “Dios the bendiga,” before the kids left the house. She worked long hours at the Chocolate Factory to provide for her family. The family would often fight like six graders without dignity but the mother tried to keep her family together. by putting up with an abusive husband.
The story fiesta made it clear that Yunior’s mother feared her husband. Everyone feared Yunior ‘s dad but no one ever confronted him about it. It stated that the when the father arrived from work he would not say anything to his mom, “He just pushed past her, waved his hand as a jester to get away, when she tried to talk to him, he headed right into the shower.” Although his mother showed Yunior the greatest motherly love, it was overpowered by the conflict between Yunior parents.
Yunior’s father worked a lot. He was hardly with his family. When his father would come home he would not even make any effort to build a relationship with his children or wife. Instead,...

... middle of paper ... she even tried to stab Yunior with a pen on his leg. When they were not together fighting, she would be vandalizing apartment with Harry and her crackhead friends. She returned to juvie, this time Yunior made up his mind to dump her and to never see her again, but she looked him up and they reunited and he fell in love with her again. Their relationship continues with repeatedly fighting and making up. He would put his arms around her and never want to let go, maybe he felled in love with her because he never had another girl, or maybe, because he too had a void to fulfilled from his past empty life. Therefore, he fell in love too soon with the first girl in his life. His love with a promiscuous girl was a conflict of love, sex and a desire of companion. Aurora craving may had been craving for lust, drugs and a companion as well, but she did not know how to love.

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