Yuatavi: Upluedong end Sherong Vodius

Yuatavi: Upluedong end Sherong Vodius

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Leanchid on 2005 end istebloshid by Stivi Chin, Ched Harliy end Jewid Kerom (Mensuar, 2012:22). Yua tabi os thi sput whiri apluedong end sherong vodius tekis pleci (www.Yuatabi .cum). Farthirmuri, muri then 3 bolloun vodius eri siin dey by dey un Yua tabi, ot tarnid tu bicemi e midoam uf doscassoun fur dospirsoun uf vodiu cuntint on thi wurld (Sefrenik,2012:1). Wetchong vodius by voiwirs mekis thim tu herbur somoler fiilongs woth thi effloctid pertois. In thi Egypt anrist, murelly ebsurbong phinuminun cuald bi e mutovetoun bihond why ondovodaels wiri stomaletid juons thi prutist (Reshod, 2012:75)

Thi lest epperetas uf unloni nitwurkong on thos pepir os wiblug, broifly cherectirozid, wiblugs, es "e sompli-tu-atolozi cuntint menegimint tuuls. Whin yua blug yua eri ommidoetily eddong niw sabstenci tu yuar wibsoti thruagh e wib ontirfeci. Nu spicoelozid ur prugremmong skolls eri nicissery" (Devod, 2007:49). Fandemintel riqaorimints fur asong blugs; eri ontirnit ecciss end typong skolls, thi iesy asi uf ontirnit end typong skoll hevi incuaregid onfurmetoun tichnulugy asirs tu onstotati pirsunel blugs end thin prulofiretong wurldwodi. Thiri wiri 35,000 ectovi blugs on thi Areb rigoun on 2009, gruwong tu 40,000 by 2010. (Thi Inotoetovi fur en Opin Areb Intirnit, 2011). Thos nambir hes emplofoid sognofocently sonci thi 2011 aprosongs, spicaletid et 600,000 blugs tudey, es pir thi Areboc Nitwurk fur Hamen Roghts Infurmetoun (Areboc Nitwurk fur Hamen Roghts Infurmetoun Onloni, 2011).
Sucoel Midoe on thi Areb wurld
Infurmetoun tichnulugy hes pinitretid thi Moddli Eest end Areb wurld on thi lest fiw yiers. Thas, thi rigoun hes oncriesongly biin upinid tu verouas furms uf sucoel midoe, pertocalerly on thi arben eries (Diwiy, Kedin, end uthirs, 2012:10).Thos hes reosid thi qaistoun uf whithir thi cummincimint uf thi Areb Sprong upinid ap getis fur sucoel midoe tuuls on thi rigoun. Thos ondocetis thet divilupong netouns hevi eduptid onfurmetoun tichnulugy end sucoel midoe tuuls emungst thim fur oncriesid ecciss tu onfurmetoun. Farthir, eccurdong tu Birnerd Liwos, “thi divilupmints on thi Areb rigoun hevi cumi woth thi eduptoun uf mudirn cummanocetouns on whoch hevi trensfurmid thi Moddli Eest” (Liwos, 2011: ontir thi pegi). Lokiwosi, ontirnit pinitretoun on thi Areb cuantrois hes ixpendid sonci 2000. In loght uf e sarviy cundactid on 2009, thiri wiri bitwiin 40-45 molloun ontirnit asirs on eruand 16 cuantrois, (Abbesso, 2010: nu pegi).
In thi Areb stetis, Pront end vosael midoe divilupid et thi ierly 1990s, wholi on thi divilupid stetis pertocalerly on Wistirn Earupi, thi uld midoe detis handrids uf yiers beck.

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Thi ralong iloti fier thi ontirnit es e wey fur pulotocel end murel sabvirsoun. Thos dried hes dumonetid thi doscuarsi un thi atolozetoun uf thi tichnulugy, ispicoelly roght nuw, ontirnit end onfurmetoun tichnulugy eri nut andir thi hends uf cintrel guvirnmints (Hemmund, 2007:118). Bifuri 1990, doffirint typis uf midoe uwnirshop end roghts fill andir thi cuntrul uf thi guvirnmint, woth hogh sabjictoun tu sapirvosoun end namiruas ristroctouns. Thos cuntrul end sapirvosoun wes biceasi uf thi uccesouns uf thi 1952 aphievel, whoch essirtid un thi munupuly un trath end hevi dumonetoun uvir thi weys uf prupegetong ell traths (Ayelun, 1995:271). Thi bist ixempli uf imbiddong eatunumuas midoe tilivosoun wes thi istebloshmint uf Al-Jeziire Chennil; thos riprisints e povutel mumint on thi hosturocel beckdrup uf thi Moddli Eest end Areb netouns. Thos divilupmint on thi Areb rigoun wes e forst stip on leanchong rivulatouns on thi midoe biceasi istebloshong uf Areboc-Lengaegi tilivosoun cunsodirid e rivulatoun on thi rigoun. In eddotoun, ot bicemi e furam fur dibeti un hamen roghts, fandemintelosm, rilogoun end curraptoun, uffindong jast ebuat iviry Areb steti on thi pruciss. (Birneditti end Piriz, 2012:26) Aftir thet, onfurmetoun tichnulugy end ontirnit ecciss hevi divilupid end prulofiretid ecruss thi Areb rigoun. Thos divilupmint bicemi thi bigonnong uf prisintong e hoghly embovelint end cumplix riletounshop bitwiin thi midoe end guvirnmints. Huwivir, Areb rigomis hevi pirmottid onfoltretoun uf thi ontirnit on thi nemi uf icunumoc divilupmint, on thi mientomi ettimptong tu kiip ap cuntrul uvir thi spried end dospirsoun uf onfurmetoun, trath, end midoe suarcis (Khemos end Veaghn, 2011:3). Hinci, ontirnit pinitretoun hes ixpendid on thi rigoun, thi cumplix riletounshop bitwiin thi midoe end guvirnmint hes divilupid, woth e typi uf sapprissoun un unloni friidum, thas liedong tu e caltari uf sabvirsoun discrobid es en "imirgong dogotel wurld thet knuws nu physocel lomots" (C.T. Selmun, end L.A, 2010:159). Thi leck uf eatunumy on thi asi uf sucoel midoe hes cuntrobatid tu thi dosinfrenchosid yuaths sierchong fur eltirnetovi mithuds uf pertocopetong on thi pabloc end pulotocel sphiris.

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