Youtube: A Step Into a New Direction Towards the Future Essay

Youtube: A Step Into a New Direction Towards the Future Essay

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“YouTube is used by more adults than any other cable network” ( Therefore one person would not know that at least every person on earth at least views 140 videos in their life entire time; millions of subscriptions happen per day and YouTube partners make 6 digits a year (bullas 2012). From this one would believe that “the YouTube subscription pilot program has defiantly the potential to offer consumers a variety of channels…” (Cherdar, 2013). Therefore meaning that YouTube is becoming a TV. Channel would benefit the audience watching in many ways such as entertainment, provide opportunities for one to get discovered and would have a huge benefit of one having opportunities to make money.
In today’s world, entertainment plays a huge part in our lives. Most importantly entertainment t should be playing a part for everyone, that entertainment that plays a part in everyone’s lives is YouTube. The YouTube subscriptions program has a variety of channels and categories: 20% music, 13% comedy, 7% sports and 6% education (www.prashantgupta.html /Gupta Prashant/ 2012). These channels being combined together create the ultimate channel program that entertains all. Many people believe that when adults and children are open to have this opportunity, instead of socializing and communicating with family and friends they are watching TV. But on the contrary, YouTube is still proper. People can communicate and comment on shows and channels. YouTube is in 61 countries and in 61 languages (www.YouTube .com/press.html, 2013) from this commenting, chatting and meeting new people is available. This also proves that YouTube is creating and generating a community with all types of people uniting together by putting their difference...

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... alternates, which means that every hour the category is different almost like a T.V. for more than one hour continually unless they like to watch something from every category, which usually does not occur, therefore making the YouTube Subscriptions program flawless.
It has been proven that YouTube becoming a T.V channel would benefit the audience in many ways such as entertainment, provide opportunities for one to get discovered and have a huge benefit of one having to make money. Even though some may debate that there may be info commercials and some people will become obesity this is not at all true and that instead of this happening people will be receiving many benefits from this program. Overall we should consider more beneficial options for the present/future and the YouTube subscriptions program is the correct direction towards the ultimate entertainment.

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