Youth Workers In British Columbia Essay

Youth Workers In British Columbia Essay

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In British Columbia young people can begin certain kinds of work at age 12. Types of work include working in local grocery and clothing stores. This can cause conflict and concern on whether it takes away from the innocence of a child or whether it teaches them good life skills in order to become upright adults in the future.
Childhood innocence is an example of a childhood discourse that this law could have a negative impact on. Childhood innocence is the idea that children should be carefree, naïve and imaginative. This is also related to keeping children outside of the economic system and the marketplace. Rousseau claims that children are pure and innocent and along the way their life experiences and interactions with the world will corrupt them and therefore we should foster children and prolong their innocence (Raby, R (Jan 14, 2014). Lecture 2, Brock University).
A positive side to children getting jobs is the ability to train, learn life skills and is linked to the idea of a rite of passage. This process is known as becoming. Children getting a job gives them the opportunity to learn things like the value of a dollar, time management and difficulties of work. It can also teach them discipline as they develop skills as they grow into adulthood. Having a job also increases independence and contributes to supporting the family financially (Raby, R (Feb 4, 2014). Lecture 5, Brock University).
Schissel’s concern about children and youth working, is the exploitation of the young. He believes that the willingness to earn money makes it easier to exploit the youth by poorly paying them, putting them in dangerous situations without proper training and lack of context for apprenticeship by work being a repetitive task with no ski...

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...are deeply embedded in advertising through the work of consumption and manipulation, essentially promoting commercial assault on their parents. Since children are at a certain developmental place where they are unable to understand advertisement, this creates the deterioration of childhood innocence as they are being sucked into a consumer machine (Raby, R (Feb 4, 2014). Lecture 5, Brock University).

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