Essay about Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Program

Essay about Youth Violence Prevention Initiative Program

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The ability to articulate my thoughts, aspirations and hardships has been a big part of my recent literacy. From personal essays to an open discussion with a panel. To put my thoughts into words on a paper or have a discussion, I have had the privilege to be heard from many around my city and in other states.
It all started junior year in high school, with a class project referred to as “Why the “D””. Having the opportunity to present past and present information about the city of Detroit. Diligent research and presentation practice with fellow classmates, we came together with policies that could help better our city. This symposium was the beginning for most students in my school to be able understand the history of our city and become well speakers and presenters.
After the symposium, I decided to get involved, by utilizing my voice to speak with different panels around the city of Detroit. I found employment with a youth violence prevention initiative program over the summer, while employed I had the opportunity to work with other high schools to speak out about youth violence and prevention. With this particular job I had the opportunity to sit with the Detroit Public school of education, and Detroit police department once a month. We had meetings that entailed discussions about safety, learning environment, and improvement.
Over the summer my high school partnered with an organization called Life Remodeled .The organization came into our community to help better the environment as well as help students in need. It was one week of volunteering, varying from building roofs, neighborhood clean ups and repairing classrooms. Although before the week of volunteering, months before there was a group formed, “The Champions Challenge...

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...scholarship money. Not only did I write a personal essay to win scholarships I also wrote about my community and my involvement in it. Overall my writing and oral presentations have been a big part of my Literacy over the few years.
In conclusion, I have used a form of oral literacy and personal writing to help better myself and my community. I’ve learned about other cities and neighborhoods by being able to communicate and articulate. I’ve written essays to help advance my education to become a better me. All my trips and experiences helped me to form an awesome essay that would eventually enable me to be awarded money to attend a four year university. My privileges would have never happened if I never stepped outside my comfort zone to participate in an awesome class project. I probably would of still been the quiet reserved girl who just went to school for grades.

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