Essay on Youth During The School Day

Essay on Youth During The School Day

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youth during the school day in the United States is
directly related to their quality of health and academic
success.13,14 Research has increasingly demonstrated
the role of a positive school climate in impacting
students’ health, ability to engage positively with their
peers, and their learning process.15-17 A school that
promotes a supportive environment, where students
feel connected to their school and also feel they
are cared for by their peers, is considered a crucial
protective factor against risk behavior engagement.18
The reciprocal relationship between engagement in
aggressive and violent behaviors and school connectedness
has been well established.19 Specifically, youth
who feel dissatisfied with, disconnected from, or unsafe
within their school environment are more likely to
bully their peers20 and engage in physical fighting.8
Conversely, youth who engage in aggressive and violent
behaviors are more likely to feel disconnected
from their school environment.16
There is also a strong association between exposure
to aggression and violence and poor health and
academic outcomes. A perceived lack of school safety
is related to both poor mental health and increased
victimization by relational aggression.13,21 Exposure
to aggression of any form contributes directly to the
quality of one’s mental health22 and can have extreme
and debilitating effects on youth’s quality of life.16
When exposure to aggression and violence has been
cumulative over the course of a child’s development
through adolescence and emerging adulthood, the
impact is particularly devastating.16 A perceived lack of
school safety and/or being exposed to specific instances
of aggression and violence during the school day
can also manifest itself behaviorally ...

... middle of paper ...

these behaviors over a period of 10 years (2001-
2011). Implications for the prevention of aggressive
and violent behaviors among adolescent youth are
discussed and recommendations for prevention and
intervention efforts within the school environment
are identified. The value of this approach is such
that it can help indicate which violent and aggressive
behaviors are or are not changing among segments
of American adolescents, which in turn, is useful
for prioritizing social investments to address this
problem. It should be noted that violence in
schools currently disproportionately affects minority
populations; individuals who will soon comprise the
majority of the US population.30 Therefore, the need to
understand the trajectory of youth engagement in and
exposure to aggressive and violent behaviors is crucial
as the demography of schools and their surround

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