Your Eyes - Original Writing Essay

Your Eyes - Original Writing Essay

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Close your eyes. Imagine that you are four years old again. You are chasing your dog through the house, smiling and giggling because joy is the one thing that every four year old knows. You hear something spill on the ground, so you run to where the noise came from, stumbling upon your mother on the ground with frozen peas all around her. Unaware of what happened and still smiling, you ask her, “What’s wrong, mommy?” She starts shouting at you. When she gets close to you, a sting comes to your cheek. “This was your fault,” she says. The cycle begins. Move ahead two years. You are six years old. You just moved to a new house where you have your own room with freshly painted white walls and brand new white carpet. Within a few months, nail polish, juice, markers, etc. stain that carpet. To a normal family, a stain would be an accident, but to you, a stain means yelling. Six year olds should know better. You should know better. Throughout the next eight years, you learn how to dodge the incoming blows and keep quiet unless spoken to. You are fourteen years old when you come home ten minutes late. After a screaming match ensues, you find yourself thrown into a wall. You are old enough to know better. It is still your fault. Progressing three years, you are seventeen years old. You come home delighted to finally have a night off, only to be slammed with criticism and called worthless and disappointing. Imagine being choked and punched while fighting to get free, all the while wishing you would have never come home. Now, imagine that you are an adult, flinching at a raised voice, cowering at the slightest movement, so afraid of what could possibly follow. Open your eyes.
Define domestic violence. It is not easy,...

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...ent-related abuse happens when a victim is not allowed to look for a job or prevented from maintaining the one they have. Oftentimes, the abusers have access to the victim’s accounts, credit cards, loans, and more. Because of this, leaving the relationship could mean struggling to find work, a place to live, and food. It can also leave the victim with a bad credit score by not being in charge of their own assets. As reported by, 99% of all domestic violence cases involve some sort of economic abuse (Purple Purse Allstate Foundation, 2016, para. 1).
Effects of domestic violence are detrimental to the mental and physical health of a survivor. Physically one may suffer from chronic pain, gastrointestinal disorders, psychosomatic symptoms and eating problems. Health care providers and advocates are recognizing mental health problems, such as anxiety

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Personal Narrative : Your Eyes - Original Writing Essay

- Close your eyes. Imagine that you are five years old again. You are chasing your dog, smiling and giggling because joy is the only thing that a five year old knows. You hear something spill on the ground, so you run to the place where the noise came from. You see your mom on the ground with frozen peas all around her. Unaware of what happened and still smiling, you ask her, “What’s wrong, mommy?” She starts yelling. When she gets close to you, there is a sting that comes to your cheek. This was your fault....   [tags: Abuse, Child abuse, Domestic violence]

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