The Youngest US President ever to Take Office Essay examples

The Youngest US President ever to Take Office Essay examples

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John F. Kennedy was voted into office during the election of 1960. To date, Kennedy is the youngest person to be elected President. Surprisingly, at the start of the campaign, Kennedy was a long shot to win the Democratic nomination. Without a distinguished presence in the political world and the stigma of being Roman Catholic, Kennedy had a lot of ground to conquer.

In not just politics, but society, religion is and was a controversial issue. Kennedy, who was Catholic, struggled against critics who were anti-Catholicism. It was often insisted that Kennedy would turn to the pope for orders and therefore run our country based upon the Church. Kennedy overcame this obstacle by reassuring voters he would not act according to the Church but his conscience. The provided reassurance resolved a lot of the concerns amongst the voters and ultimately Kennedy secured a first ballot nomination.

During the primaries Kennedy gained an immense amount of confidence that he carried with me throughout the years. The extra confidence allowed Kennedy to breeze through the televised debates between him and his opposing candidate, Richard Nixon. Also impacting the viewer’s impression of Kennedy during the debate was his appearance. He appeared refreshed, clean and bright. Nixon, on the other hand, had just recently left the hospital for a knee infection. It appeared that Nixon put little to no effort in his appearance when presenting himself on the television. Many viewers interrupted the candidate’s appearance as Kennedy being superior. Three more debates later, Kennedy took the lead by a slim margin and was sworn in as the 35th President on January 20th, 1961.

During Kennedy’s Presidency he worked to obtain democracy and freedom for the wh...

... middle of paper ...

...made a clear announcement; all should enjoy a life of equality, happiness and freedom in the United States.

Not long after his announcement, Kennedy’s death came by surprise. On November 21st, 1963, President Kennedy was shot after giving a political speech in Texas. The gun man was arrested shortly after. Unfortunately, the wound of the gun shot was server and President Kennedy passed away that same day.

All in all, Kennedy still lives today through his legacy. According to polls, Kennedy is rated as an above average President. Kennedy was the most popular while in office and his term was very eventful. Along with his popularity, he was also inspiring and created programs such as the Peace Corps and Project Apollo. His sad fate may be partial impact to his high rating; however, it is not the only reason for his ranking among the most memorable Presidents.

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