Young Women Suffering from Osteoporosis Essay

Young Women Suffering from Osteoporosis Essay

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Young Women Suffering from Osteoporosis
Osteoporosis is a system bone disease, its characterized in decreasing of bone mass and destruction of bone fine structure so that increased rate of bone fragility, which make people facing the risk of fracture, even under the situation with a minor or no trauma wounds. Usually there is no special clinical manifestation before fracture, and incidence rate in women is more than men’s. The disease is common in post-menopausal women and the elderly women, but recent studies have shown that osteoporosis not only in those people, more and more young people suffering from osteoporosis. In all there are several factors result in osteoporosis in young women.
Risk factors for osteoporosis are divided into intrinsic factors and extrinsic factors. The intrinsic factors are race, gender, aging, menopause and so on. As I mention before, women have the high incidence rate of osteoporosis than men; and whites and yellow peoples who suffering from osteoporosis more than blacks. The extrinsic factors are underweight, low hormones, smoking, alcoholism, drunk much coffee, lack of physical activity, imbalance nutrition, excessive or insufficient protein, high-sodium diet, deficiency of calcium and or vitamin D, and so on, most young women with osteoporosis due to extrinsic factor. As an Asian young woman, I have the intrinsic factor at least. I care a lot about my weight so that I never far away from the losing weight, which make closer to the osteoporosis.
The mainly cause young women suffering from osteoporosis are: dieting, over sunscreen, unhealthy living habits.
NO.1 Osteoporosis from dieting
Losing weight is the eternal topic of modern women. Young women in order to have a slim figure and thus on diet to ...

... middle of paper ...

...ike to eat chocolate, and sometimes drink pops, especially cherry Pepsi. I think it is unrealistic to say no to these two things, I eat chocolate not usually, and I always dark chocolate, which also have some benefit to people. In terms to coke, I will consider drink juice instead of that.
No. 2 "Close to nature, close to the sun”
Expose yourself under the sun and enjoy the sunshine 20 minutes at least per day is the basic method to restore vitamin D, also it is important to vitamin D and calcium generation.
No. 3 No matter how busy, go exercise!
Modern people facing the fierce competition from work and study, which make them have to sit in office or library all day even all night. Whereas proper physic exercises will decrease the pressure they have and what is more important, exercises will make their bone become healthy and decrease the incidence of osteoporosis.

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