Essay about Young School Age Children

Essay about Young School Age Children

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Young School Age Children

There are many types of people in a community. Whether one categorizes by age, health, or even wealth, each person falls into a group. The group of choice for focus is young school age children. This group includes children, male and female, from five years of age to seven years of age. These children are in preschool, kindergarten, and first grade. These children are in a slow and steady growth and development. At this age they should be highly active, enjoy learning, and allow curiosity to peak their interests. It is this age group one can explore health promotion strategies used, problems encountered, health care availability, and health education.
With the first topic, it is evident there are many health promotions used by television, video games, and schools. The Disney Channel is a great example. They have a simple, “get up and play” slogan used to motivate children to go outside and enjoy the outdoors. It is used to promote activity, decrease obesity, and even improve heart and joint health. Restaurants that once served only fried French fries as side items now have the options to choose healthier sides such as apples and milk instead of a soft drink. In Williamson County, Tennessee, it is now mandatory for schools to offer a salad bar and healthier options in school cafeterias so children may have the options to choose better foods as well as set a trend for others to follow.
Three major problems encountered by this group are: obesity, abuse, and stresses of starting school. According to the CDC, childhood obesity has tripled in the last thirty years. This is a staggering statistic. Childhood obesity is an epidemic throughout the United States and needs to be deeply addressed by parents a...

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... six. CHAD helps prevent or reduce abuse, neglect and developmental delays by providing parent support and education services.
In researching and finding information for this age group, it is appropriate to state there numerous programs to help these children with problems they may encounter. It is clear, however, there needs to be more education for parents on nutrition, help centers for adults who abuse children, and education on stress relievers for children entering school. Williamson County has proven to be up for the challenge of reaching this age group and keeping them healthy individually and as a whole.


Kliegman RM, Behrman RE, Jenson HB, Stanton BF, eds. Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics. 18th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2007

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