Young People And Hiv Prevention Essay

Young People And Hiv Prevention Essay

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Approximately once every 3 days married couples have sex in America. That might seem like a small number but that doesn’t factor in people who aren’t married or in a relationship. With the nations high growing population, it is evident that sex is the factor. Many of them don’t even plan pregnancies and are financially unstable to support a kid. Many people have tried to come up with solution to high sex rate in the nation. However, the increase of sex education programs are able to target the people at a young age by decreasing the likelihood of sexual transmitted diseases, teen pregnancy, family involvement can reduce early adolescents ' risky sexual behavior
Sex education programs can decrease the likelihood of sexual transmitted diseases. According to Tiffany Jones, author of the article “Young people and HIV prevention in Australian Schools” published in the Official publication of The International Society for AIDS Education “Schools have played a critical and evolving role in Australia’s HIV prevention education and a great many young people have undoubtedly both heard about HIV, and been empowered to address the risks in their own lives as a result of school programs.” (Jones 232).
Recent records portray that if anything is not due or acted upon in the rising degree of unprotected sexual activity, partner change and STI infection, it would result in a catastrophic epidemic HIV outbreak in young age people. Reaching the youth about the issue has been a tough battle all over the world, and Australia has been no more successful at it than anyone else. For this reason, Australia has targeted its assets for HIV prevention on school based programs.
The result of this was a decrease of sexual intercourse between th...

... middle of paper ... use, and ways to prevent early adolescent sexual behavior. Sex education programs with a strong parent involvement can reduce early adolescents ' risky sexual behavior.
Sex education programs are evident to decrease the likelihood of sexual transmitted diseases. Additionally, Sex education can also decrease the growing rate of teen pregnancy. Finally, Sex education programs with family collaboration can reduce early adolescents’ sexual behavior. In our fast growing nation the youth is our foundation to a better future. By giving them and providing them with building block of sex education we are making them better aware to a happier and healthier life style. It always best to build a foundation first and grow off of it, the increase of sex education programs will just do that. The future is in our nation youth so we must inform them with the right tools.

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