You Win, But Only Because I Can Not Catch You Essay

You Win, But Only Because I Can Not Catch You Essay

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“You win, but only because I cannot catch you.”
“Someone’s been slacking in training,” he said with a smile full of mirth.
“That’s not true! Your legs are longer and you can leap higher and have a longer stride.”
“True.” He drew closer. “Besides, you have many other fine talents.”
Lifting her brows and feigning an affronted stare, she asked, “Such as?”
“Too many to list.” Maxen pulled her against him and cupped her bottom. “But I am counting on you to demonstrate several of your talents tomorrow night.”
“Please detail what you’d like to see.”
His gaze softened and he slid his hands up her back, over her shoulders, finally resting them on her face. “Your love. That’s all I have ever wanted. To have you love me openly and honestly.”
“Maxen, besides the open part, you’ve had that all along.”
He lifted her into his arms, crossed the room, and deposited her into bed. His eyes darkened as his gaze slid up and down her body. “I can’t wait until tomorrow night.”
“Why wait when you can have me now?” She captured his hand and slid it into her dressing gown, allowing his palm to cup her breast.
His eyes drifting closed, Maxen gave her breast a firm squeeze, then withdrew his hand. “Tomorrow. And then forever.”
Maxen blew her a kiss as he backed out of the room.
Once he was gone, she allowed herself to relax into the pillows. Joy spread through her in warm, welcome wives like it never had before, but even with her dreams coming true, she could not forget Carlton. Before drifting off, she sent up a prayer for him, then another, and moments before sleep claimed her, she whispered, “I love you, too, Carl. Thank you…”
Audra expected to be nearly hysterical with glee on the day of her wedding, but instead found herself unfathomably calm. W...

... middle of paper ...

..., if it’s not too much trouble. Before we begin tonight, would you mind reading a brief passage from The Queen Versus the Dragon? My old friend wrote that play, and it would make me feel like he was there to hear those words.”
“I’d be honored, Your Highness.” Corsen, her eyes reddening, squeezed Audra’s hands. “Thank you for making me part of your special day.”
Audra rested her hand on Corsen’s cheek. “Thank you for guiding my son back to me.”
The sun had set hours prior, and finally, it was time for Audra and Maxen to wed. They had decided they wanted an intimate setting, and chose the library in Audra’s bedchamber. It was spacious, warm with the fire burning, and the windows permitted an unobstructed view of the sea in the distance. Also, it would easily accommodate the fifteen guests—plus Audra, Maxen, and the priest—without seeming too cramped nor too vast.

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