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You Say You Want a Revolution Essay

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The prolonged Cold War and the controversial Vietnam War were only two of the many developments that would rattle the United States during the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. The continuing protests on the Vietnam War and growing student protests in the United States helped verify that revolution was possible. The new perspectives of the post World War II generation sought to modify a system that had become static. However, the United States was not the only country shaping new social and ideological understandings, other countries around the world also challenged the status quo. The black power protest movements, feminist movements, and gay rights movements protesting inequality in the global society defined 1968 as a revolution watershed. Therefore, ending the social customs of discrimination, and pursuing that separatism is no longer justifiable.
As more and more young activists in the United States lost faith in the slowly proceeding civil rights movement, demands to end separatism came increasingly to the forefront. Young radicals in the group known as the “Black Panthers” highlighted black power by taking control of their own organizations and moving forward on their own. In his UC Berkeley speech, Stokley Carmichael, preached for the whites to, “move on over or we’ll move on over you.”1 Carmichael’s speech informed the new thinking of the aggravated radicals, and the urgency the Black Panthers had to gain their freedom from the racial discrimination. Malcolm X, the very influential human rights activist, was on the same page as Carmichael in saying that, “if the ballot did not work, then it would have to be the bullet.”2 The growing impatience of the oppressed no longer agreed with the go-slow, non-violent movements before the...

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