Essay about You 're Looking For A New Home

Essay about You 're Looking For A New Home

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So you 're looking for a new home. There 's nothing more exciting than taking a look at what your future might look like and how you 're family will grow and evolve in that home. A home that will create memories, build dreams and lead you through the different phases of your life. Yes, that 's what everyone wants. But what if you get it wrong by making a bad home purchase? Everything you dreamed about could come crashing down in an instant and change the course of your future forver. That 's why it 's so important that you do your homework before buying any given home. And that includes learning the home 's property history.
Knowing a home 's property history is not always something people consider before making their final decision. However, knowing the property history, is the one thing that could mean the difference between your happiness or a nightmare that never seems to end. That 's why we are going to give you some key questions you need to find the answers to regarding any home 's property history, before you even think about signing on the dotted line.
Have There Been Any Crimes, Deaths or Other Incidents in This Home or On This Property?
In all the excitement of buying a new home, you might not have thought to check into whether or not there have ever been any crimes or deaths and so on in the house or on the property. Knowing this information would help you make the decision about whether you want to buy this house or find another one. All states have laws regarding these issues; therefore, you will have to check the laws in your state before you assume anything. Unfortunately, some realtors have an unspoken rule that they won 't divulge that information unless you ask. Caveat Emptor or buyer beware is the rule, so alw...

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...d I Look for On a C.L.U.E. Report?
The best indication that your potential home might have a problem is if you see the same reoccurring issues. For example, if you keep seeing issues regarding water damage, that could indicate the home has a plumbing problem of some sort. Or that the home frequently floods if it rains excessively. Or if you see several reports of broken pipes, it could indicate that the pipes were not installed and/or insulated properly. It could also mean the home might have a foundation problem. So as you can see, taking the time to review the home 's C.L.U.E. report could ultimately prevent you from making a buying mistake that might end up costing you thousands of dollars over time. Being an educated buyer and learning the property history of a home is your best bet at buying a house that you and your family will love and enjoy for years to come.

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