You Know What I'd Do? Anti-Advice from a Teen Essay example

You Know What I'd Do? Anti-Advice from a Teen Essay example

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You know what I'd do?-The Anti-Advice

Is it just me or are you sick and tired of everyone commenting on what they would do or how you should behave? conjuring up ridiculous suggestions that help with nothing but heightening the anger and annoyance that you are all ready feeling? Well, then I have good news for you. I am here to give you for once and for all, the only good advice on what to do when placed in an array of situations. So, you wanna know what I would do? Here's what I'd do!
Common Problems

Can't get to sleep?
Don't you just hate it when people comment on ridiculous methods of how to 'get a good nights sleep'? Take a warm bath, cut out caffeine, turn off the T.V, the computer, ect. Well, you know what I'd do? I would make a nice strong cup of coffee or even better, an espresso. Turn up the music or get the karaoke out, (I've heard you singing believe me you could do with the practice). Hoover the house, test out the fire alarms, call some friends round and have a party. After all, who cares if its 3am and the neighbours are fast asleep, why should you suffer with boredom and being quiet in fear of waking them up? Remember, if they can't sleep through all the fun you are having, then that's their faults, not yours! Anyway, that's what I'd do.

At one point in your life or another you are bound to have had, or have a curfew. Parents badgering on about what time you must be back because if you are not back at exactly that time then the world may just end or maybe you'll even starts an apocalypse, who knows? And so what do most people do, they come in either on time or earlier, then, they sneak out. The problem with sneaking out is although it may seem fun, not only is it an outdated ritual of the you...

... middle of paper ... it up eventually. See, actually walking the dog sound a whole lot more fun now doesn't it. The good thing about taking your dog for a walk in the streets or the park is that you do not have to pick up the poo should your dog decide to have one. There is no law saying you have to and no fines that will be issued if you are caught not doing so. And it's also extremely rare you come across someone who actually does pick their own dog's poo up (what a time waster!) so you wont feel ignorant for not doing so. Oh, what? There Is a law against picking up dog poo? What, and you can be issued a fine? Hmm, that's strange. Oh well, just don't get caught, they can't prove it was your dog who done it. Unless, they decide to do a DNA test, but that's just weird don't you think? Anyway, just leave it there on the ground for someone else to step in or pick up, that's what I'd do!

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