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Throughout my experience in the link I have learned to appreciate any help I received. When I entered College for the first time, I wanted to know how it feels to have to think critically, and to be an independent student. I wanted to know what the true meaning of “working hard” actually meant. In high school I passed without attending my classes, but I knew it won’t be the same in college. I was ready to challenge myself to be on top of my game and get straight A’s. Now that the semester has ended I have realized the challenge to get straight A’s was a lot harder than I thought. I wasn’t used to not receiving a great deal of help when I needed it, I thought being independent and thinking for my-self would be trouble-free. However, college has taught me to grow up, and to stop comparing college to high school.
My first class in my link was sociology, initially I wanted to take psychology, but I still wanted to learn the sociological aspect to define people’s actions. I passionately enjoyed taking sociology, because it helped me study people and understand who they are by observing their actions. I enjoyed learning from Professor Parker, sociology is a hard subject to learn, however Professor Parker had the patience to explain all his lessons slowly and carefully for his students. As well as providing extra help by continuously responding back to e-mails students have sent him over the semester with meaningful help. The hardest lesson I had in Sociology is writing a clear thesis. Professor Parker has continuously helped me develop clear thesis statements, and I believe without his help I wouldn’t have been able to write many of my essays. I do still need extra practice until I’m a professional at writing thesis statements. Howeve...

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...asti’s idea to keep a calendar in my notebook, this will help me organize my assignments due dates so I can never miss an assignment again.
Throughout this semester I realized that college is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I developed skills that I believe will help me get through my classes to come. I know I wouldn’t have been able to realize the complexity of college without the help of my Professors. They showed me college isn’t a joke, and that I need to work hard in order to get high grades. This semester was a headache because I was going through the transition from high school to college. I was learning new things and I lacked the traits a college students needs to have in order to do well. I know now that my next semester will defiantly go smoothly, because I now believe I have the traits a college student should contain thanks to my Professors!

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