You Get Your Sister For Dinner Please Essay

You Get Your Sister For Dinner Please Essay

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Please stop, stop the yelling, stop the crying, just stop all the emotions. Evelyn thought as she held her head in her lap. The world seemed to drag her down day after day with different obstacles. How can I make all of this stop? Should I just leave, leave it all? she asked herself as tears streamed down her cheeks. Please just end it all. Evelyn didn’t know how she ended up in a police station, feeling hopeless without her parent and sister, until she relived the past few hours in her mind.

“Evelyn will you get your sister for dinner please?” Marilyn, Evelyn’s mother, glanced over at her after the question and smiled.

“Sure, just one second.” Evelyn returned the smile to her mother and finished the nose on the sketch she was working on. The brunette walked through the long hallway leading to the stairwell. Climbing the stairs Evelyn slipped but threw out her hand and caught herself before smashing her knee into the stair. She continued up the stairs and to her sister’s mahogany door, “Eleanor! Mom says it’s time for dinner,” She said while knocking.

“Okay, tell her I’ll be down in a minute! I’m busy.” Eleanor said through the solid door. Evangeline rolled her eyes and trotted back down the stairs and through the hallway lined with paintings and family portraits.

“She says she’s busy.” Evelyn laughs to her mother with a shrug then continues to draw the mouth on the portrait.

“What’s that amazing smell?” Daryl, Evelyn’s father, asked as he walked into the kitchen in a suit and tie with a briefcase at his side.

“Your dinner, dear. Go up and change into something more comfortable.” Marilyn told her husband with a wide grin. Something seemed unreal about the day, her parents acted as if they were on a televis...

... middle of paper ... hole. Evelyn screamed, “Eleanor look out!” The voice was clearly heard from behind the wall but no one seemed to know where it came from and Eleanor was moved to the side where her mother was able to protect her from both sides.

The two men began to crowd Marilyn, “Please, let us go! We can give you money, whatever you want, just please leave us alone.” The girls mother pleaded to the strangers who plunged a knife deep into Marilyn’s stomach. She fell to her knees where the men left her to bleed out by her husband, but her mother continued to fight to stay alive. Evelyn’s mother started to grow pale in color as more blood left her body and met with her father’s.
“Run!” Marilyn said with a small voice and when the words left her mouth the two men picked up Eleanor and forced her out of the house but she stayed quiet. How could nobody have heard the screaming?

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