You Can Touch Me? Essay

You Can Touch Me? Essay

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“You can touch me,” she replied, her gaze boring into him. “I want you to.”
“Can I see you?” he asked, his voice husky. “Your breasts? I’ve missed them.”
“Missed them?”
He reddened and nodded his head. “I might have taken a look when I dragged you out of the river that day. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.”
A sheepish grin curved his lips and Audra smiled back. Without another word, she pulled her bodice ties free and lowered stiff top of her kirtle. Maxen pulled the single tie at the top of her shift and pulled down the loose fabric. He attached his mouth to her nipple and kissed, all while trailing his fingers up here thigh, finally allowing them to rest against the V between her legs.
She sighed with approval and put her hand over Maxen’s, encouraging him to explore with his fingers. Since he had no experience with women, she assumed he’d appreciate a little guidance.
“I never thought it would feel like this,” he said, the moment he released his mouth from her breast.
He ran his fingers along the outside of her privates, and the gentle touches drove her mad. Audra wanted him inside of her, but he kept exploring, learning the curves and shape of her body. Once his fingers made their way into her cleft and massaged, Audra whimpered and arched her back. Maxen paused.
“Too rough?” he asked, peppering her mouth with kisses.
“No,” she said, breathless with wanting him. “Keep going. Please, I need you to.”
With a nod and biting his lip, Maxen eased a finger into her, followed by a second. He slid his fingers in and out of her wetness hard and fast, his face a mask of concentration, his hips rocking in tandem with his movements.
The deep, forceful movements of his fingers within her felt better than any sensation she recalled, but still, ...

... middle of paper ...

...was right; once was not enough. During the next several days, the passion between Audra and Maxen smoldered, despite Maxen’s content declarations of guilt and shame. They kissed and touched in cupboards, the woods, even the privy. This was a dangerous game they were playing and both of them understood they had to stop, but it didn’t seem possible.
And on a snowy afternoon, when most residents of the castle remained bundled up inside their chambers, Audra and Maxen groped one another behind the changing screen in the armory. Thanks to the significant snowfall, there was no training today, and it would be unlikely anyone would come upon them.
However, with Maxen kissing her neck, gripping her arse beneath her skirts, and grinding against her, they failed to hear the footsteps entering the armory, and before they realized it, Vaughn stood before them, his mouth agape.

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