You Can Lead A Horse And Water Essay

You Can Lead A Horse And Water Essay

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"You Can Lead a Horse to Water..."
There is currently a lot of controversy among educators over whether or not high school students are adequately prepared for college-level course work; why many students, if not most, are not prepared; and who or what is the cause. Most believe that students from private or parochial schools are the most prepared for the challenges of collegiate life; while most also agree that public institutions do not adequately prepare even their most outstanding students well enough for those challenges.
Many wish to blame the administrators and/or the teachers; others wish to blame parents for lack of involvement; and still many more blame the students. More than likely, it is a combination of all of the above. In the end, however, it is ultimately the responsibility of the student to earn his or her education. Yes, earn it.
In many other countries, education is not free. Parents must pay for their child’s education, and because of this the students value the opportunity to learn. In the United States, most people take an education for granted. Many even consider it a ‘right’; and this may be one of the real causes of the issues faced in modern classrooms today.
. It is true to say that those students who are uninterested in learning usually steal away valuable teacher time, energy, and information from those students who do wish to learn; and there is little anyone can do about it.
In our parents’ and grandparents’ era, there were real and heavy consequences for misbehaving, disrupting the class, and/or not completing assigned work. Children were held responsible for their actions by administrators, teachers and their parents. Failure was an imminent and very real threat, with very real consequences (usu...

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...l, it is to be avoided at all cost. One of the things that make America great is the availability of an education to all citizens. It is not a guarantee; it is not a right; it is a gift. But, it is a gift that a person must recognize as precious and valuable. As with any gift, it can be tossed aside; undervalued; even hated.
Ultimately, it is the student who must work for; sweat for; desire an education. Educators stand by ready to impart their knowledge; institutions are waiting with their doors wide open; taxpayers have made it all possible…but it still comes at a price. The price is sweat equity. If students are not willing to work, and work hard, for an education, the gift becomes worthless…Touted to be the oldest English proverb, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink,”(Martin, ) proves to be even more true today when applied to education.

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