You Can Do This Annie. Be Brave.

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When I wake up, I’m still in my trailer. I rub my eyes, and sit up. Stretching, I glance down at myself and I do a double take. I’m wearing an old sea-green dress. It has short sleeves, a hem that goes to my knees, and a fitted middle. On my feet are white canvas shoes that are scuffed at the edges. I stand up, shaky, and walk to my mirror. My hair is parted in the middle, and I find that it’s been dyed a darker red and has been curled as well. Makeup, which makes me look younger, shows on my face, and I spot sand between my fingernails. Confused, I walk as I look down at them until I reach my door. Just as I open the door, a hot and steamy air pulses out at me. I step out, and I find that I’m in a courtyard filled with people. A stone building at the end of the rows says: ‘Hall of Justice’ on the top. Someone grabs my arms, and I turn to find two similarly dressed Peacekeepers ushering me off my trailer steps. “W...what’s going on?” I ask, utterly confused. They lead me to a young man and woman with red hair, and set me down. “She tried to leave.” One of the Peacekeepers says. “It’s against the rules.” “Sorry, it won’t happen again.” The woman says, a pleading look on her face. “Come on, Annie. Get back in line.” She puts her hand on the small of my back and leads me to a group of teenagers. She surprises me by hugging me. “Please tell me you won’t get reaped.” Something in my mind begins to click. I’m standing in the crowd of kids with two about to get reaped. This is the Hunger Games. I’m Annie Cresta. This woman who is hugging me is my mother, or is a fake mother. I’m in District 4. Now, where’s Finnick? “I promise you, Mom, I won’t.” I say. Mom gives me a reassuring smile, then tucks back into the crowd with my ‘fat... ... middle of paper ... ... around the train. I find a small room with a couch, so I ask to be alone and I sit on it, my head in my hands. I pretend like I am stressed, upset, angry and sad, so I sit there for a while. I make myself cry later, and once I do, I don’t stop. I think of the tear on Sam’s face as I walk into the train, I think of Lynn raising her hand to me, I think of my ‘parents.’ I also think of my real family back home in South Dakota, and what they are having to go through since I’m not there. I bury my face into the couch’s fabric, and I sob. I cry until I have no more tears to shed, then I curl up in a ball, sniffling every once in a while. I hear the door to my room slide open and someone say: “Annie.” I look up to see Cyrus enter, looking solemn. “Hey.” I say, wiping my cheeks. He sits next to me. “Are you frustrated?” Cyrus asks, folding his hands together.
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