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You Can Anyone Hear Me? Essay examples

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Hello? Can anyone hear me?

All I can think and say is “hello…
Hello? “
I feel like I’m screaming inside, and out.
I missed you didn’t you miss me?
I am finally standing right in front of you, myself
vulnerable but you’re not even attempting to talk to me, and
I want a moment just you and I
I feel alone but I am with
my mom and she pulls me back to reality and hugs
me on their couch. I am so grateful for her in that
moment. I’m so tired from the 12 hour drive and I
can’t imagine how my mom feels. Actually I can imagine….

I dragged her out to Idaho again,
so I can visit my family, and my dads grave,
but all I have been thinking about is myself. I have
never once thought how these trips out here once a year
effects her. How driving 12 hours straight to the place where I once
lived with her ex husband who abused her. The place where all my father’s
family hated her and told me since I was young that she is a monster. The place where she lost the battle for me and had to watch my father drag me down with him. How this trip must kill her more and more every time, and yet she 's still here for me. Right by my side, whispering in my ear, she loves me an...

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...ents may have learned, and copied technicians from their own dysfunctional parents. In some cases, a child-like parent will allow the dominant parent to abuse their children.

So can a child ever really be normal?
Or is being normal just a fantasy?
An idea for them to be able to escape reality?

Who defines a normal, happy family?
Who defines a dysfunctional family?
Who defines your happiness?

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