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You Are What You Eat Essay

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You Are What You Eat
The way I see, it our bodies are like machines and like most machines if you take care of them they will take care of you. Our bodies are no different you get out what you put in. Nobody expects a machine to run without fuel and that requires a specific kind of fuel, one that the machine was created to run on. Unlike those machines, our bodies require certain types of food as fuel and it seems that more often than not we fill our bodies with the wrong foods. It is crazy to think that we expect our bodies to function properly when we do not treat them properly. Eating is one of the most important and enjoyable parts of daily life. As our single source of energy and nutrition, the types of food we eat can greatly affect how our bodies function.
The saying “you are what you eat”, may not be as literal as I used to believe, if it was most of us would be a burger with a side of fries and a shake. Even though that is not the case, the statement still holds meaning because without the right nutrients and exercise the human body can never reach its full potential. This is common knowledge to all of us, and yet what have many of us done to solve this problem? Order some more, pop a few diet pills, and make the same New Year’s resolution as last year. So how can we make the lifestyle change and eat healthy? The answer is to maintain a healthy diet through the practice of making choices about what to eat with the goal of improving or maintaining good health. Sounds easy yet in reality it is a massive undertaking and requires careful planning and the mental strength to push away temptations.
At times, we get confused over what is healthy for us and what to stay away from. That is why the sea of diets and nutritional...

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...m sure many other men and women are doing. However, I learned that being thin is not the same as being health. With the components of nutrition, the goal is to apply them to everyday life while avoiding all the naysayers and distractions. We already know what happen when you fail; you just get back up and start again this time with more knowledge and motivation than ever. However, when you succeed say hello to a completely new life. A life full of energy, a powerful immune system, and the truly unbeatable feeling of accomplishment.

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