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Before 2000, there was a problem known as The Year 2000 (Y2K) facing the computer-related functions, which was the abbreviation of a four-digit year into two digits. Since Delta have to fix this issues, Mullin convinced Feld to take on the role of CIO at Delta until January 1,2000. Mullin and Feld committed to not only fix the Y2K issue, but to restore the Information Technology as a strategic tool in Delta.
To lead the organizational transformation centered on the assumption of information in real time they created a small team that includes the senior executives- the chief financial officer, the executive vice president of customer service, and the head of airline operations (Wiell & Ross, 2004). The executive team was known by the name Information Technology Board. As one of the IT Board most important responsibilities in order to achieve their target is defining the IT role in the firm. They stated four principles:
• Adopt a process view of the firm.
• Build a corporate infrastructure to support cross-functional processes.
• Build and leverage a standardized environment.
• Focus on the customer.
Feld and the IT Board worked together to build the enterprise architecture as a first step in restore Delta’s Information Technology. As a second step the IT Board determined the core operations of the company: (1) customer experience, (2) airline operation, (3) digital dashboard for revenue management, and (4) wired workforce wired for administrative functions.
They knew the importance of developing and implementing all the four core operations, but they cannot do that at one time. The IT Board chose to repair the flight operations and the customer experience, two processes that ran on the firm’s existing outdated airport-based t...

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... Delta’s Nervous System demonstrates the following points:
• It is sometimes necessary to change business models and strategies to achieve success in the digital economy.
• Web-based IT enables companies to gain competitive advantage and to survive in the face of serious corporate threat.
• IT may require a large investment over a long period of time.
• Extensive networked computing infrastructure is necessary to support a large global organization.
• Web-based applications can be used to provide superb customer service (Turban, Rainer & Potter, 2005).
Having a fierce competition in the market drives the competitor companies to do and try everything to find ways to reduce costs, increase productivity, and improve customer service. Web-based systems are one of the best channels to achieve these efforts by transform the business to e-business in this digital economy.

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