Essay on Yes For Financial Aid !

Essay on Yes For Financial Aid !

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Yes to Financial Aid!
More than 1 million children, who are immigrants without legal status, currently live in the U.S. Many of these children are in hopes of having a better life than the country from which they were born. The United States is seen as the one country a family can go to in order to have a better life and have a successful education. Through the sometimes dangerous migrations with many family members, the journey to the United States can be very hard on them. The only thing these families want are better conditions for their children. They want to give their children a better life than they had growing up. Approximately 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year, but experts estimate that fewer than 6,500 go on to attend college (Peter 1). These students who graduate worked hard to get where they are and tried very hard to keep their families’ word on a better education. They struggled to learn English if they did not learn it in their country and worked hard to compete with the other students who were born here. The fact that these 65,000 students graduate from high school is the reason I believe they should receive financial aid. This fact shows that these students are able to adapt and able to work just as hard as other students, and should be allowed to receive help from the government and from the colleges and universities. Eighteen states out of the fifty allow teens without legal status to pay instate tuition rates at public colleges and universities, provided they meet certain requirements. Those students must have lived in the state for a minimum number of years (Dunbar 1). If the student is a U.S citizen, but one or more parents are undocumented, the student is ineligible for federa...

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...ave a better life for their families. Most children of illegal immigrants were brought here when they were infants so they did not have a choice. They could not tell their parents to leave them in their native country because they were not able to speak. I think that if the child was born here, they are considered a citizen and have the same rights as any other citizen. They should be allowed the same rights as any other person who has been born here. I don’t see any difference between the children who were born here and the children of illegal parents who were also born here. The parents of these children want to pay taxes but they don’t have papers, which allow them to not be able to pay taxes. The children of illegal immigrants should not be punished by outdated policies and by rules that do not let some people do something but allow others to do what they cannot.

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