The Yellow Wallpaper, By Susan Glaspell

The Yellow Wallpaper, By Susan Glaspell

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Gender equality has been a prominent issue for an exceptionally long period of time. Feminists have been attempting to fight for male and female equality for decades by trying to prove that females are just as capable as males are. Throughout history, women were treated unequally while being compared to men. Today, in the contemporary world, some females are still treated unfairly in many diverse ways. Some people argue that women and men are indeed equal; however, women are certainly unequal in the eyes of most men. The idea that many women are treated unfairly can be seen through marriages. “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “Trifles,” by Susan Glaspell, an article by Kyle J. Bourassa, David A. Sbarra, and Mark A. Whisman, an article by James H. Harper and Jonathon G. Sandberg, and finally, an article by Alexander Skolnick, Katherine Bascom, and David Wilson all display how women being treated unethically can be seen in marriages. Many women are treated unfairly; this idea can be seen through gender roles in marriage, the way husbands handle their wives during marriage, and the psychological effects this bad treatment can leave on women while married.
Many women are treated completely unfairly and this viewpoint can be seen through women’s gender roles in marriage. Without a doubt, women are given the unpleasant side of gender roles in marriages. Gilman illustrates a time when John shows a form of gender roles to his wife, “you know this place is doing you good” (par. 54), explaining the idea that because of her gender, the wife is stereotypically supposed to stay at home, providing a prime example of how women are treated unfairly through gender roles in marriages. Another form of gender roles for women in ma...

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...r roles in marriages, the way husbands treat their wives during marriage, and psychological effects that are placed on women because of bad treatment from the husband while married illustrate the idea that women are treated asymmetrically in accordance to men. Gender roles in marriages prove that some women are unfairly stripped of many opportunities men receive. The way husbands treat their wives in marriages greatly shows how unequal men and women are. Some men treat their wives with the upmost disrespect and unreasonableness. The mental effects that are placed on women during marriage greatly show how women are treated unequally when being compared to how men are treated. Marriage illustrates that many women are still treated inequitably. For the sake of the female population, all women around the world should either continue or begin to fight for gender equality.

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