Yellow Wallpaper: Beyond The Wall

Yellow Wallpaper: Beyond The Wall

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“Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman was analyzed by many perspective readers and writers. In my research paper I analyzed work by Ann Oakley and Karen Ford. These two authors had similar but yet different arguments. During my review process on both articles, I found that there can be many interpretations of any literary work. When you typically see topics written about women, you tend to see biased explanations. Reading these from a female standpoint you would go on to assume the writer will only defend what is morally right.
In the literary review, written by Ann Oakley, she included in her research there are three main differences she interpreted in her analysis regarding women. The difference between Health, Health care, and Medical care are somewhat inconsistent with one another. Medical care is easily definable; she described it as being given medical attention by a medical professional. This medical professional care is given to patients to treat or prevent illness or any medical discrepancy. Health care isn’t necessarily provided by medical professionals. It can be provided by a group of non medical staff, non professional groups, or given by yourself. The final term mentioned is health, it is the most complex of the three and isn’t similar to the other two in any way. Health requires good standing social relations amongst individuals.
Other topics mentioned in Oakley’s review were also the three unsolved problems with women and health. She listed the three following topics regarding production, reproduction, and medicalization of psychological costs of women’s mental diseases. She also researched health vs. social product amongst women.
When Oakley talks about production, she discusses economic and employment is...

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...women’s roles in society and in the household are. It is quite interesting on how many biased readers and writers we have in this world. There are so many people so quick to label women and men based on very simplistic roles in society. Men believe women have something to prove or justify, but only in the household. Overall, I really enjoyed interpreting this short story and literary reviews by Ann Oakley and Karen Ford.

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