Essay on Yellow Parking Vs. White Parking

Essay on Yellow Parking Vs. White Parking

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Yellow Parking vs White Parking
Just the other day, I arrived at school fifteen minutes before my first class started, but was late as a result of trying to find a parking spot. I drove around the two parking lots that were in the same area as my building, twice, hoping I would get lucky; unfortunately, I was not. I was deciding whether I should park in one of the faculty spots due to there were many of them available, but I did not want to risk getting a ticket from the school. I ended up parking at Burger King across the street, hoping I would not be involved in a car accident while crossing. I was late to my first class as I predicted. Parking is very challenging for Delgado students, especially for the students who pay for parking decals for each semester. These decals allow students to park on campus with the restriction of parking in only the yellow lines, which are marked for students; while white lines are marked for faculty. There are clearly more students than faculty at Delgado, yet there are more faculty parking than student parking. The lack of parking affects us greatly. By replacing a portion of faculty spaces for more student spaces, we can solve students’ timeliness to class, the risks of safety, and getting what we pay for.
Delgado offers us students decals for our vehicles so that we can park on campus. For one semester, it costs $30, and for two semesters, it costs $50. For the amount we pay, we should not have a problem finding a spot. I know large amounts of students purchase parking decals because I see them on vehicles everywhere I go. I notice the Delgado Parking decals in the mall and store parking lots, to driving around in Metairie and Kenner. With the number of students that buy decals, it is obvious...

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... security patrol around City Park lots to make us feel safer when parking further from campus.
More student parking will benefit us and the school greatly. Students will be able to use the extra time they had, from arriving early, for their personal responsibilities, and still be on time for class. More available parking also allows students to park closer to campus, which is safer than parking farther away. The solution to this problem is to portion out the amount of parking for both students and faculty to a ratio that is logical. There are noticeably more students than faculty, therefore we should replace the many available faculty spaces for student spaces. This solution would benefit Delgado also by an increased amount of money from more students buying decals due to the more available parking. The outcome would benefit both Delgado and their students.

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