Yellow or Gold: The Great Gatsby Essay

Yellow or Gold: The Great Gatsby Essay

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Colors, are something to be determine, not just colors, they mean many things depending on the way people analyze them. Colors are important in life, not only in life but also in books. One book that really describes that is The Great Gatsby. In The Great Gatsby, colors represent many different things. One of the major colors are yellow and gold. In the novel The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald describes these colors and associates them with different things. For example, gold represents real wealth and yellow represents fake gold. Fitzgerald associates colors with different things by really describing them in depth. For example, the green light at Daisy’s is just a green light, but Fitzgerald made it so that it would represent much more than that and that is what made The Great Gatsby such a great novel. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald associates yellow and gold in depth with different things. In life people sometimes make bad decisions and do bad things to gain money. Very similar to the novel, where Jay Gatsby gains money from bad ways, while he could have gained it from good ways.
In the novel, when it comes to looks, gold represents wealth, while yellow is less wealthy. For example, on page 44, there is this quote. It goes like this: “now the orchestra is playing yellow cocktail music”. This quote makes sense because if it said: “now the orchestra is playing golden cocktail music,” it would have sounded bolder or even more classy. Compared to yellow, which sounds a little bit less classy. The “yellow cocktail music” kind of sounds like the boring music in an elevator, while if it were “the golden cocktail music” people would think of someone that can afford a good band to come and play and has good taste. This makes sen...

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...ecause he loves her and fake money will never win against real money, in other words, yellow will never win against gold. Also, Gatsby didn’t get that car from real money, but from selling bootleg alcohol. Therefore, when Tom says that it was Gatsby’s fault it would add even more complications to the issue because he killed a woman and sold bootleg alcohol. That is what got Gatsby killed.
In The Great Gatsby, colors can really help one understand the novel better. This is because if there is a slight change of color, then there is a big change in context. A color’s meaning isn’t going to be clear and concise, it is for us to find what it means in the context. Colors, are something to be determine, they aren’t just colors, they can mean many things depending on the way people analyze them. This is what makes The Great Gatsby one of the books in American literature.

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