The Year Working Jobs Out Of State Essay

The Year Working Jobs Out Of State Essay

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I had been gone for most of the year working jobs out-of-state. My older brother got me the job in South Carolina working in a shipyard. Soon after I got there he left for another job in another state and I was in a weird place, not knowing anyone. I was only 21. This year was starting off in a turbulent way. Little did I know just how difficult this year was going to be, this would be the year I lost my dad.
Growing up, my dad and I wound up doing many things together. I inherited my love of sports and hard work ethic from him. We were inseparable even though I had two brothers. My father practically raised me alone while my mom dealt with my two brothers, who had issues of their own. My dad did assist my mom, but he appeared to shelter me away from the bigger issues my brothers seem to have. I looked up to him like a son should. We definitely butted heads, but my respect and admiration for him superseded those moments.
Prior to moving out of my parents’ house for the first time, I had never really done anything on my own. I had a car, was paying my insurance, and had just recently gotten a cell phone, which was still rather new at the time. I had a pretty decent amount of slush money but I didn’t save any more, because what 21 year old living at home needed to? I left my job at the local shipyard to work contractor jobs at shipyards all across the US. Or so I thought.
After taking the job in South Carolina, I was expected to head to Virginia before returning home, but the Virginia job fell through causing me to get low on money after the South Carolina job ended. I picked up a local job just to make enough money to get back home.
Within a month of returning home, I landed a job with a boiler company that would go to pla...

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...le. His fingers wouldn’t bend much. In my hysteria, I dialed 911. Then after talking with the operator through a trembling, crying mess of a voice, I got my composure together as best I could and called my mom to tell her to get home as soon as possible. I didn’t tell her dad was dead. I didn’t tell anyone that he was dead. My mom contacted all of her brothers and sisters that she could and some of my dad’s family. For what seemed like hours, but was probably minutes, I consoled my father’s lifeless, cold, purple body the best way I could. An ambulance arrived first and I tried explaining to them what was happening, but they already knew. Then a few of my aunts and uncles on my mom’s side of the family arrived and I became inconsolable. In 21 years, I had never experience something so raw and irreversible. To see him like that will forever remain an image in my mind.

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