Essay on 50-Year Vision of Making Doha Competitive

Essay on 50-Year Vision of Making Doha Competitive

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Making Doha Old Town Competitive 50 year vision

The intention of this spatial vision is to provide a framework for the next 50 years from which the old portion on Doha city can develop as a relevant, viable and competitive center amongst cities within Qatar and those around the greater Arabian Gulf region.
To do so it must provide guidance for a settlement that whilst has ancient origins has not existed in the planned form as it does today, for much more than 50 years. In effect a 50 year vision for the area looks forward as far as it is possible to look back.
The issues faced by old Doha in tying to remain a competitive region are in many ways unique as not only must it compete with the regional powerhouse centers such as similar city states like Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait it must also do so with the new Doha being built largely from a green field site to the north as a modern master planned and largely self contained city

Old Doha Description
Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Doha is Qatar's largest city it had a population in the region of 1million people, with over 85% of the nation's population residing in Doha or its surrounding suburbs, and is the economic centre of the country. It has gone through a period of rapid growth over the last 15 years which is forecast to continue with an anticipated population of 1.5 million people by 2022.
The result of this growth is under development in the form of an entirely new city district directly adjacent to the north. This has resulted in a lack of emphasis on the upkeep and redevelopment of the older sections of the city. Left unchecked, this will be to the detriment of both the old and the new sections of the city.
With over 80% of Qatar the population being exp...

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This will potentially include new modes of public private partnerships and cooperation between the city and its surrounding districts. Set objectives are to be agreed with the city’s municipalities in relation to individual projects and the future provision of building sites, with incentives offered to promote their implementation. The objective is to arrive at an optimal functioning spatial distribution of the opportunities and burdens attendant on the growing city.
This will include the strategic use of government land, utilizing sites for specific purposes or acquiring certain properties as required in order to bests guide development.
The Spatial Vision offers a framework for discussion. It sets the long-term objectives and priorities for urban development and while offering the flexibility to accommodate future developments, economic and social change.

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