Essay on The Year That I Joined Facebook

Essay on The Year That I Joined Facebook

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The year that I joined Facebook was in 2014, the beginning of my senior year. I know that most of you are probably thinking I was crazy for waiting that long, but I never really had any inclination to join. So when senior year rolled around I thought, ‘what the heck, why not!’ It was my senior year and I may never see any of these people again, so I thought it would be a good way to keep in touch. But before joining Facebook, people were always keeping me informed on what was going on. Who was dating, who broke up, and who got caught cheating on who. Things I didn’t really care to know, which was why I never joined Facebook before. I was never really into the drama of people’s lives, especially because it all happened to people I didn’t personally know.
I went to a small school, a school of about 350 students, and I am proud to say that we never really had any bullying problems. Sure kids could be mean at times but nobody ever let that person get away with it, or the kids involved would talk it out, as I have witnessed personally. But in a way, I digress, what I mean to say by all this is, when my friends told me about all that was happening on Facebook, they never told me about the fights or cyber bullying from people from my school that were happening, because there weren’t any. At least while I was there. However, I am not ignorant enough to believe that this happens everywhere. People aren’t as nice in other towns and schools as ours is.
Social media is like a safe house. You can become a whole other person and no one would be the wiser. An example of this would be the T.V. show called Catfish. This is a reality T.V. show where couples form online relationships without even meeting in person. The filmmakers then try to find o...

... middle of paper ... gunmen storming into the Bataclan theater in Paris last year or inspiring an American citizen and his wife to massacre 14 co-workers at a holiday party in San Bernardino, California” (Brooking and Singer)

Social media is an undeniably a major part of people’s lives today. Much of it is not in a good way. Though there is always a bright side to everything. Social media has a way of bringing humanity together. After the Orlando shooting occurred, people of Facebook and Twitter came together to show our support for those whose lives’ were lost and the family and friends that were affected by it. You can find friends you haven’t spoken to in years and rekindle that lost friendship. Same goes with family. Yes, there will be predators, which is another reason why social media isn’t always a good thing. But some people do think that the benefits far out way the risks.

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