Year 1992 in American History

Year 1992 in American History

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Year 1992 in American History

One of the most chaotic years in our history is 1992. With the Presidential election, massive world events and large events occurring right here in the United States. I believe that the year of 1992 was one year that had a very predominant effect on American society and culture today. While many things can have an effect on a society and cultural mind set, I will show you three major happenings in 1992 that truly shocked our nation and the world around us, to have lasting effects on today. The generation of today has had their minds molded and formed to change and try to grow successfully in this lifetime. The three events that changed many things in this world are the election of Bill Clinton for president, The peaceful split of Czechoslovakia and the trial and conviction of John Gotti.

John Joseph Gotti Jr. was born to John Sr. and Philomena Gotti in 1940. He was the fifth of thirteen children in his very large family. John and his brothers grew up in Brooklyn, New York with a very tainted childhood. They quickly from an early age on became intertwined with child and adult street gangs, often getting caught for petty crimes. In 1960 he met his future wife Victoria, the mother of his children,( Victoria, John, Frank, and Peter.). Frank was accidentally killed when he was hit by a car. But the man who hit him, John Favara, was mysteriously kidnapped and never seen again after the accident was viewed was accidental by the authorities. After be coming married, John for a while attempted a stab at normal suburban life for the sake of his loving wife Victoria, but he always fell back to crime. It wasn’t before long that John Gotti was a loyal and upcoming member in the famous Gambino crime family. He started with fencing stolen good, transporting drugs, and loan sharking. In the 1980’s he was referred to as “Teflon Don” because convictions could never stick to him and he always walked away scuff free. That all changed on June 23rd, 1992 when Judge I. Leo Glasser sentenced Gotti to life in prison without chance of parole. This was such a monumental change and wakeup call for Americans everywhere. John Gotti and his gang had ruled New York and some parts of New Jersey with no fear, actual pride in knowing that they would never get caught.

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But the bugging of Gotti’s home and all of his clubs were what ultimately landed him in his life sentence. The fact that the F.B.I. had cracked down and succeeded in bringing down such a large mob boss re-affirmed our trust in our legal system to stand up through all of the corruptness and do the right thing. The Judicial system did its job by getting the hard and corrupt criminal off the streets and fulfilling its job. I’m sure the F.B.I. agents could have taken a pay out from Gotti if they really had wanted too, but instead of taking the easy way out, they followed through with the law. John Gotti died in jail in 2002 from throat cancer. The first thing that this has taught is that justice will always prevail.

The second change that most effects the world in the year of 1992 is the peaceful split of Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovakia was a peaceful and sovereign state from October 1918 until 1992. After World War 2 Czechoslovakia was returned to its original pre-war state and peacefully remained that way for many decades to come. In 1989, the country was retransformed into Democratic from the Velvet Revolution. This all was occurring that same time as the fall in communism in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. The end of communism in the country did not mean that they had to all together had to shed the communist name, it only meant that they took the socialist part away from it, and replaced it with the term federal. National tensions were growing throughout Czechoslovakia during 1992, so the Czechoslovakian parliament decided to peacefully get rid out the country of Czechoslovakia and make into two new countries, Czech Republic and Slovakia. They were formally (on paper) created on January 1st,1993 , but it was decided in parliament that they were to split the two countries up in 1992. This is a major change in the world because it showed how a country can act rationally and peacefully and without hatred or war cut ties and break free from one another. The Czechoslovakian government handled their problems and nationalistic tensions perfectly and precisely. They did not become hot headed and short tempered and start and un-needed war. They sat down and discussed what needed to be don’t to solve their nations problems and tensions and got to work at solving them. The solution to their problem was drastic, but it was nonetheless very effective. Czechoslovakia went from one country in political and governmental turmoil to two peaceful countries with happy citizens and a new, extremely effective governmental plan. The was Czechoslovakia handled their problems set an example for all others countries in the world that had civil problems. They could have easily gone to war, but talked it out and came up with a better solution to their countries growing problems. The world learned greatly from this experience in The Czech Republic and Slovakia and that is that not everything had to be solved by guns and warfare. Somethings really can be solved by talking and working them out.

My third and final major change in the year of 1992 is the nomination and election of Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton was just a governor from Arkansas when he was nominated by the Democratic party for the Democratic 1992 presidential election ballot. In the spring of 1992 the early election polls showed that Ross Perot led the race for the presidential candidates, with then president George H. W. Bush, and finally Bill Clinton following. The race did not look good for our young Democratic hopeful, but somehow he turned it out into his favor. He campaigned long and hard for this job.
On November 3rd, 1992 Bill Clinton became the 42nd president of the United States, once again giving the Democrats control of the congress. Clinton won pretty well, his 370 to Bush’s 168 electoral college votes. Clintons election was a huge part on 1992. It decided who was going to bring the country out of the economic troubles we were in as a country. During George Bush Sr.’s term in office the country was into a recession, and ever thought he promised during his campaign not to raise the taxes, he did. The people of the United States looked to their president to give them hope, faith, and jobs to stabilize their fluctuating economy. Clinton becoming president ended the Republican rule on the White House for the last twelve consecutive years. Although President Clinton brought shame and embarrassment to the presidential office with his ungentlemanly behavior, he also brought great economic reforms and stability to our country. This showed the world that the president is not a perfect man, and often carries a lot of baggage, but you don’t have to be a perfect man to be a good leader. And a president is a man who is jus that, a good leader.

So as you can assume from this paper, the year of 1992 was not only chaotic, but filled with great new changes and scary realizations. The realization that mob bosses and gangsters would no longer be protected by dirty cops, that a feuding nation could solve its problems peacefully and without arms or warfare of any sort, and the a president who may not have the most intact morals can be leading our country.
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