The XenoMouse: The Case of Where the Business Should Go Essay

The XenoMouse: The Case of Where the Business Should Go Essay

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The XenoMouse: The Case of Where the Business Should Go
1) What are the pros and cons of Abgenix collaborating with a partner on ABX-EGF in comparison to going solo?
A partner to the business brings an advantage of providing additional capital, resources, and other material to develop the ABX-EGF drug program, all the while limiting the amount of risk that Abgenix takes on. For example, the drug may not develop correctly and fail in trail(s), or possibly the turns out to be unsuccessful, this after Abgenix provides a large amount of their limited resources. It’s also a benefit that the partner will have complementary knowledge, assets, and resources to market, sale, test, and develop the drug for market and/or testing. A significant hurdle is the testing phases and other regulation under the FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). When the drug demonstrates its effects and the company moves forward, or makes required changes, it develops experience and knowledge that will be needed for future drug compounds. A mosaic of studies have further shown that collaboration can be a powerful tool towards higher achievement and increased productivity since collective efficacy can significantly boost groups’ aspirations, motivational investment, morale, and resilience to challenges. It’s noted that there is presence of competition in the market (AstraZeneca and Genetech), producing similar products or are in the development phase of copying the cancer fighting techniques. With that being said, adding a partner further assists Abgenix in pushing the ABX-EGF to market quicker, which decreases various costs to adapt to sudden changes. Overall, it’s in the best interest for Abgenix to join with a partner to increase the chan...

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...ncies are focused in. Both decisions involve solving the short term cash requirements and other resources, which will, no matter the choice, reduce the commitment of its personal assets and free up time to focus on other prospects or areas in the business.
Further down the road, Abgenix has to gain access to, or develop the areas that it lacks, such as the process of regulation processes, marketing, and selling/providing the drugs to the market. To gain these processes, or adapt faster, the joint venture would allow it the access to new capabilities of the firm they partner with. Licensing the drug to another firm, on the other hand, doesn’t provide the number of benefits. However, the concerns of partnering with a firm can lead to exploitation or copy/take away something proprietary, competency, technique or technology, which will harm future long term gains.

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