Essay on Wuthering Heights - ' Revenge Is Best Served Cold '

Essay on Wuthering Heights - ' Revenge Is Best Served Cold '

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Wuthering Heights -
“Revenge is best served cold” An old quote yet still impacting us today. We see that it impacted and could have been Heathcliff’s main motive, a man that never forgot his past and made everyone that did he him wrong pay for it. I support Heathcliff as he was a real wise man and got revenge from everyone that did him wrong without them being able to anything to stop him. Baby Heathcliff enters the Earnshaw home as a poor orphan. He is immediately made fun of his dark color is began to be called a gipsy and his language being “gibberish”. This poor treatment is not much of an improvement on his "starving and houseless" childhood, and he quickly becomes a product of neglect and all of the abuse.
Arriving at the Earnshaw is a direct threat to everyone, but mostly to Hindley as he begins to steal his father’s affection. This becomes the reason why Hindley never actually liked him and had a resentment over Heathcliff and depriving him of his happiness. Once his father dies, Hindley decides to show all the hatred he has been having for Heathcliff once he becomes the man and owner of Wuthering Heights. When Heathcliff returns to Wuthering Heights he brings with him his new wife, Frances, who is pregnant and later gives birth to Hareton, the last of the Earnshaw family. After Heathcliff and Catherine get caught by the dogs at the Thrushwood Grange and Catherine is injured, Hindley decides to separate the pair. He makes Heathcliff a servant of Wuthering Heights and deprives him from education. He decides to make Catherine a lady. Heathcliff saves Hareton’s life after Hindley drops him, however Hindley shows no gratitude. After Heathcliff has been gone for three years, he comes back with money to Wuthering Heights. He d...

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...ried. Linton tells Nelly and Cathy what his plans are so Nelly decides to tell Edgar in his death bed what is happening. He tries to make the changes so Cathy’s kids will get the Grange instead of Heathcliff but dies before the changes can be done.
In conclusion, Heathcliff is able to get revenge from everyone that did him wrong. From Hindley, he is able to own Wuthering Heights after his death, deprive young Hareton of education, and his love for Cathy. From Catherine, he is able to get her jealous by marrying with Isabella which by doing this also affects Edgar at the same time. From Edgar, he is able to make his son, Linton, and Edgar’s daughter, Cathy Linton, get married and once Linton dies, he became the owner of Thrushwood Grange. I support Heathcliff as he is very wise in the way he does everything and at the end he was able to accomplish everything he wanted.

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