The Wrong Cure For Sex Trafficking Essay

The Wrong Cure For Sex Trafficking Essay

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The trafficking of humans will never be considered okay, but it’s continuing to happen everyday. Biswas and Weissmueller both argue on the subject of human trafficking. In the article “Human Trafficking Scenario in Bangladesh: Some Concerns,” Biswas argues that human trafficking is a big issue and what we are doing is not enough. She believes that strengthening the borders will help put an end to human trafficking. On the other hand, in the article “The Wrong Cure for Sex Trafficking,” Weissmueller argues that human trafficking is happening and prostitution should be made legal. Legalizing prostitution would decrease the need for human trafficking. When comparing the two articles Biswas uses a better logos and pathos argument. But Weissmuller uses a better ethos argument. Therefore, Biswas’ article “Human Trafficking Scenario in Bangladesh: Some Concerns” would be the best argument for human trafficking.
Biswas may have the better article, but it lacks an ethos argument. One thing that this article has is the appeal to the rights and wrongs of human nature. This article mainly uses facts and reason to support its arguments but lacks the appeal to human nature. People know what is right and wrong, and human trafficking is wrong. Human trafficking is a major issue. Biswas believes that “Trafficking in Bangladesh is now an well-organized economic phenomenon that‘s run by forces of demand and supply” (Biswas, 2015, p.87). This quote could have easily been supported by an ethos argument and Biswas fails to do that . Human trafficking may be a phenomenon, but people know it 's wrong yet they are continuing to do it. When it comes to human trafficking, it is very easy to use an ethos argument, human trafficking is wrong but people d...

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...fficking should be legal.The goal is to make it easier for victims to get help, not the ones that are making these people victims. This support does not make people want to help, why help the one who started it all. With only a good ethos argument this article is less convincing than Biswas.
Both articles make valid arguments but in the case of Human trafficking Biswas has the superior argument. Biswas may lack an ethos argument but she makes up for it with her pathos and logos argument. She backs all of her arguments up with the facts and the appeal to human emotions. Weismuller only uses a ethos argument and lacks a logos and pathos argument. With only a ethos argument Weismuller falls short in making a truly convincing argument. When closely comparing the two articles Biswas has the superior article leading with an excellent pathos and logos argument.

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