Written By Paul, Philemon is the 18th Book of the Bible Essay

Written By Paul, Philemon is the 18th Book of the Bible Essay

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Within the American Bible, the 57th book is entitled “Philemon,” being the eighteenth book of the New Testament canon1. Paul, the writer of the letter, wrote this scripture as a letter format to his Christian brother, Philemon. Paul was in Rome, Italy, at the time where he was a prisoner of Jesus Christ. By Paul being a prisoner, he assumedly had infinite time to write and deeply contemplate what to include within the letter he created.
“Philemon” was written in 60 A.D. The after-death initiation likely caused for Paul to especially note God’s sacrifices to save the people as Paul orchestrated the letter. Paul had been charged with a house arrest in Rome. Due to the leeway of his consequences, he had little restrictions and was actually able to have house guests come, as well. Having such leniency in the means of punishment, I feel it was possible that Paul acquired a feeling of guilt during his long quiet hours alone. However a fellow prisoner of his, Onesimus, was likely to give Paul an idea the moment they met for Paul to think of himself as useful. Knowing Paul was a prisoner at the time he wrote the letter, it is possible that Paul was using Onesimus. In actualization, Onesimus’ name translates to “useful” [or profitable] in the Greek language1.
Philemon was a Christian in Colossae, to whom Paul, Philemon’s Christian Brother, wrote this letter to2. Paul writes his letter as a prisoner (while he was under a house arrest in Rome). Onesimus had originally been a slave of Philemon’s. He had run away, and robbed Philemon in the process. It is believed that Paul came in contact with Onesimus while in Rome as they were both prisoners.
When they met each other, Onesimus became a believer of the Christian religion under Paul’s leading...

... middle of paper ...

...o be entitled as “useful” or does he actually want the entitlement for himself, for his apologies and pleads to God that he can be a good/useful person, and not just a prisoner. Did Paul want Onesimus to convert to Christianity so Paul could be heroic and try to establish a stronger brotherhood of Christians and the Roman people or just to make his apology to God possible by making he look like he is being helpful?
To answer my own questions: I think that this Book on the New Testament (or letter) is in the Bible for a reason. Although there are many questionable errors by the way Paul explains being “useful,” it overall does not surpass Paul’s morals throughout the letter. Looking closely, it may come about that Paul could be acting selfish to pronounce himself to God; however without such over-analyzation the letter should be just as honorable as Paul is, himself.

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