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Writing : The Writing Puzzle Essay

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The Writing Puzzle
As I bring my third term at Southern New Hampshire University to a close, I have come to realize that writing is akin to working a jigsaw puzzle. When first viewed, there are pieces everywhere; some are upside down or sideways and there is no structure yet. I usually have a vague sense of what the picture appears like in my head; nevertheless, I occasionally remain unsure how to fit the pieces together. Personally, the remarkable areas of learning in this course were the organizational tools, thesis statements, narrative storytelling, and persuasive essays because each taught me the necessary mechanics and tools to complete this composition puzzle in a way that pulls these fundamentals together in a cohesive, easily understood manner.
The first task of working any puzzle is to understand the required elements. Starting without a solid foundation and organization makes success a challenge. As I examine my early journal entries, I can now appreciate how they lacked organization. Specifically, in the first journal , I noticed that my first paragraph jumped right into answering the question of my writing experience and my fear that business writing has ruined my creativity (McDonald, ""). If I were to write that journal today, I would have created a thesis, defined an outline, and used a lot of the existing journal as my supporting points in separate paragraphs.
Similarly, the narrative essay draft presented my first foray into organizing a paper; however, I did not yet understand how all the pieces might fit together. In the feedback to my narrative essay, Professor Anderson commented on my paper lacking focus on a specific topic. In reflection, brainstorming ideas with a visual organizer and creating a detailed o...

... middle of paper ...

...icance of the data. Hence, the instruction on narrative and persuasive writing style is analogous to moving beyond the edges of the puzzle and putting the middle pieces together; while this may require the most time, the picture is just a shell without this level of specificity.
In summary, I have elevated my writing and composition skills this term. Organization and outlining provide me the boarders and foundation. The thesis is the backbone of the complete puzzle and needs to be clear and focused. Finally, the narrative style of writing provides me with an opportunity to learn from an experience and to relate that to others, while the persuasive style is more succinct and provides critical analysis and interpretation of data and research. Completion of the puzzle happens only when I pull all of these elements together and this class has helped me to do just that.

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