Writing The Article By Gary W. Lawson 's Article Analysis Essay

Writing The Article By Gary W. Lawson 's Article Analysis Essay

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Gary W. Lawson main purpose for writing the article “Eliminate PowerPoint in the Classroom to Facilitate Active Learning" is to encourage teachers to take on a more active teaching strategies and techniques in hope to increase students learning experience in the classroom. Lawson’s fundamental idea of the use of a PowerPoint in a learning environment changed on his first day of teaching as a part-time professor. Despite, his well-prepared PowerPoint, passion, and storytelling performance, Lawson present was hardly felt as students fell asleep or failed to pay attention. Consequently, Lawson banned the lackluster software and took on a new approach to seek his student’s attention and participation.
Lawson placed the attention on his students thus enforcing personal interaction, creating meaningful discussion, and continually challenging his thirty-student’s thinking for 3-hours. He followed three class rules of “No cell phones, computers or electronic devices; no PowerPoint; Come to every class on time, leave on time and participate” Lawson found incorporating policies such as “Allowing Choice”, “Self-Direction”, and “Guided Learning” helped build a fun and balanced classroom (Lawson, G. g. 2013). Therefore, he pursued his mission to create classroom activities around real, meaningful experiences to push his students to become successful learners (Lawson, G. g. 2013).
Lawson high concern to investigate whether PowerPoint increases student’s ability to learn and retain more information led him to studies to understand if the use of the software hinder students in the classroom. Ultimately, Researchers found no significant difference in the performance of students who were taught using PowerPoint and those who were taught without Po...

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...rovide a lively environment for student’s needs. I believe his six-active teaching guideline is helpful for teachers who may feel as if their students are distracted or non-responsive. Also, I appreciate Lawson for adding several rebuttals statement into his research to allow the readers to gain a dynamic view of the topic on PowerPoints in the classroom.
Overall, I agree with Lawson point about teachers using PowerPoint as a clutch and not providing a thought provoking lecture. Lawson suggest teachers maybe not be passionate or driven to teach because of lack of pay for the work or they do not know why they teach. Lawson speaks on the how teachers lackluster teaching can be overcome through self-reflection as to why they begin teaching and if the passion to see students grow is still alive. I hope to answer those question as I continue my journey as school teacher.

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