Essay about Writing Struggle With A Writer

Essay about Writing Struggle With A Writer

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When I think of myself as a writer, I think of a writing struggle. I struggle with getting things done by the deadline, there are times when I feel “on top of the world” this is when I write my best, and then there are times when I can 't write at all, I just feel like dying. Most of this school year I 've been depressed and it really affects my ability to write, I hate writing when my heart isn’t in it, when this happens, it leads me to procrastinate, waiting for a spark of motivation but, I guess you just have to fake it occasionally and write with only your mind and hope for the best. Although, in the moments when I actually have the motivation to work I am withheld from it by other people who have authority over me. But, I am now determined to claim my education, regardless of what anyone else has to say.
Adrienne Rich, author of “Claiming an Education”, advises that “as students, you cannot afford to think of being ‘here’ to receive an education; you will do much better to think of yourselves as to claim one” (608). In other words, take control of your education. Don’t let people limit your potential and don’t limit yourself, take the classes that challenge you, don’t take the easy way out just to get by. “One of the dictionary definitions of the verb “to claim” is: to take as the rightful owner; to assert in the face of possible contradiction. “To receive is to come into possession of; to accept as true.” (608). Every year when I pick my classes, I choose the ones that challenge me, honors classes and this year, dual enrollment therefore by doing this I have claimed my education. Rich contends that, “Responsibility to yourself means refusing to let others do your thinking, talking and naming for you; it means learning to ...

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... with them really helps me form how I want to word ideas in my essays. I learned this while I was writing my last two essays, which ended up being my best, although it seems a little too late now, it made me grow as a writer. By claiming my education, and taking this class I have definitely grown as a writer. Most importantly, I have realized that I need to establish an equilibrium. I need to demand people to respect the fact that I need time for myself and work, that I cannot give them all of my attention 24/7 just because they are my boyfriend, and to my parents I need to make them realize that I have much more important priorities than cleaning the entire house everyday. To further claim my education I will continue to take challenging courses instead of easy ones, speak my mind, and always put forth my best effort. Simply because I want the best things in life

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