Writing Skills Of Tenth Grade World Civilizations Students Essay

Writing Skills Of Tenth Grade World Civilizations Students Essay

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Although a great deal of information was learner about students and their attitudes and feelings about writing were learned during this study, there was not conclusive evidence to proof that using technology will help students in the writing process. Student scores did improve, but that is expected after a ten hour unit is taught on the writing process. More time and data is need to provide a clear answer.
Problem Solutions
Did using www.paperrater.com have an impact on the essay writing skills of tenth grade World Civilizations students? To gain distinct answers to this question students would need to be tracked for longer than one unit in tenth grade. The minimum about of time for an accurate study would be full school year. That way, students would be introduced to the concept of using Paperrater from the start, while the constant group would never be introduced to it at all. Over the entire school year the researcher could compare scores from five-paragraph essays and not just comparing one or two. By looking at a full year’s worth of data, the researcher could see if there was any impact, especially two, three, and four months after the Paperrater was first introduced to the students.
The student surveys were the biggest strength of this study. The surveys provided real data about the students before the unit began and then again after the unit was over. How confident are you in your writing skills? Can you proofread an essay? These questions were on both pre and post surveys and provided the most interesting results. While some of the results did not change much, these two questions did, students felt more confident in their writing and proofreading skills after the unit than they did before the unit b...

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...aster’s Degree Experience
Looking back at my master’s degree experience, it has been a rollercoaster. I started off with such motivation, I wanted to become a better teacher and get done with the program as quickly as possible. That feeling continued, for about four months, and then real life happened. As much as I wanted to work on this degree for twenty hours a week, I did not have that kind of time or the ability to mentally. I have also learned that I am stronger than I thought, while getting a master’s degree I was also teaching full time, teaching additional classes, coaching tennis, was very active in my church, and dealing with terminal diagnosis and eventual death of my mother. Did I finish my degree as quickly as I wanted? No, but I am a better person now than I was when I began, simply by knowing that I can do anything if I put my mind to it.

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