Writing Process : The Lifeline Of Writing Essay

Writing Process : The Lifeline Of Writing Essay

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I consider the writing process to be the lifeline of writing. This process is a vital to student writing. Before taking English Composition 1, I did not fully comprehend how important this process was. In Module 1, I explored each step of the writing process; “Prewriting, Drafting, Rewriting, Proofreading, and Publishing,” (Mindedge, 2015, “Writing Is a Process”). Even though each step is different, they all link together to form the lifeline of writing. The writing process seemed overwhelming to me at first; however, understanding each step has shown me, how to mold a writing process that works best for me and how I have grown as a writer.
Before going into detail about how the writing process works best for me, it is vital to gain knowledge of each step to the lifeline and how it impacts student writing. Prewriting is the first step in the writing process; it is where the lifeline begins. In this step you will select a topic, brainstorm, map out a plan, develop a working thesis, and consider the audience. Prewriting has a powerful impact on student writing, because this phase determines the direction the paper will go in. The next step is, Drafting. During this phase, a writer will add additional thoughts and ideas to the previous step, select word choice, and work on organization. Drafting is important to student writing because in this step the student is forming words on paper. The third step is Rewriting, or revising. Rewriting is exactly what it sounds like. The writer will rewrite and rethink the entire draft. In this step the writer will also, work on the flow of the paper, take out any information that is not on topic and add additional details where needed. Rewriting has a significant impact on student writing, because...

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...coincided with my new topic and created the flow of my narrative essay. Understanding and preforming each link to the writing process will allow my writing to continue to grow throughout my educational and professional career.
This process is the lifeline of writing. It is critical to student writing as it determines how well you will advance with your writings. It has given me solid building blocks that I will continue to use during my time here at Southern New Hampshire University. My next term is English Composition 2 and without this lifeline I would be lost. I will also utilize these skills in my professional career. I plan on opening and running a clothing boutique. The writing process that I developed over the course will assist me in writing emails to employees and prospective clients. This lifeline has forever changed my writing as a student and beyond.

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